Quinlan Crowell

The use of drones is becoming more common. Journalists now use them as do many people who fly them as a hobby. Bobcat Update's Quinlan Crowell tells us more.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, better known as drones, were for a long time used mainly by the military. However, smaller, lighter drones are now being mass produced and sold retail, so just about anyone can get their hands on one.
Media outlets have been using drones to cover major events, such as concerts, parades and even floods.
To safely and legally fly a drone, new pilots must pass a government-mandated course that trains them on how and where to fly.
Texas State University started offering a course this spring for students who may be interested in flying drones. For Bobcat Update, I'm Quinlan Crowell.


Ke'Anna Bullard

The BOKO Awards ceremony, honoring individuals and organizations at Texas State, is an annual tradition at the university. Bobcat Update's Ke'Anna Bullard tells us about the ceremony last Thursday.

Texas State is home to hundreds of unique organizations and clubs. Every organization offers something different to the campus, and the BOKO Awards were established to honor these organizations.
General award categories included Greek, Recreational and Religious with more specific categories like Outstanding Educational Program being awarded for specific events hosted by organizations.  
Winners included Cat Camp, Quidditch and Kappa Delta Chi. Organizations do not do their activities for the sake of awards, but they do appreciate the recognition.
For a full list of winners, you can go to Bobcat Update-dot tumblr-dot-com. For Bobcat Update, I'm Ke'Anna Bullard.

Jonathan Szedeli

The impact of suicide can be devastating for family members who survive. There is always a question of why. Bobcat Updates Jonathan Zit-Lee shows us the personal perspective of suicide on the Texas State campus.

According to the U-S-A Today, more than eleven-hundred college students take their lives each year and the suicide rate among young adults has tripled since the 1950s. But statistics do not put faces to those numbers.
Five months ago, Green took his own life. The loss has a lingering effect on the loved ones he left behind.
Texas State student Joshua Szczeblewski recalls getting to know Travis last year while doing a documentary about his life.
While many questions may remain regarding the reasons why Travis took his life, Gregory offers up some personal advice that could help others who may be struggling.
Other resources available to students include the Counseling Center which offers free and confidential sessions by trained professionals as well as mental health and psychiatric services at the Student Health Center. Gregory had hopes that Travis would seek out this assistance
Travis Green leaves behind a legacy full of accomplishments. He was a published poet, actor, rapper and was also the Student Organizations Council President. Gregory says that he leaves behind a huge shadow that loved ones will always be chasing.
For Bobcat Update, I'm Jonathan Szedeli

Andrea Cordova

New laws in Hays County could change how food trucks do business in San Marcos. Bobcat Update's Andrea Cordova has more on the story.
The Hitch is a popular location among students and locals for unique food. The trucks offer a lot of choices. Want a burger? A kabob? Want to eat Columbian food? How about Indian? They're all at the Hitch. But because of a new law, everything could change.
Owners of trailers at The Hitch run like a family business. They stick together. They have hopes the San Marcos City Council will help them stay in business.
Even though their trucks are being threatened, the owners remain optimistic. After all, they have big dreams.
If you're in the mood for good eats and good treats, come to the corner of C-M Allen and Hopkins. For Bobcat Update, I'm Andrea Cordova.


Kathryn Macchia

Mister Fest, short for My Radio Festival, is an annual event in San Marcos for local and regional artists to display their musical talents. Bobcat Update's Kathryn Macchia has more on the story.
Fans of student radio station K-T-S-W gathered at the Dahlia Woods Gallery in downtown San Marcos recently to celebrate the history  of MR Fest.
MR Fest started as a one-day, one-venue event in 2008. It has grown to feature more than 60 performing artists at several locations in downtown in San Marcos. MR Fest is now a two-day event.
Preparations for MR Fest begin a year in advance.
All MR Fest events are free to attend, but donations are accepted and they go to a local charity. This year's proceeds will be donated to the Hays-Caldwell Women's Center.
(Stand up) The tenth annual MR Fest will take place on April 28th and 29th in downtown San Marcos. For Bobcat Update, I'm Kathryn Macchia.  


Jennifer Galvan

The Leadership San Marcos recently hosted a Duck Dash fundraiser on the banks of the San Marcos River. Bobcat Update's Jennifer Galvan has more on the story.

The race featured hundreds of rubber ducks on a closed course. Participants could adopt a duck for five dollars and have a chance to win prizes worth more than one thousand dollars.
The San Marcos Youth Service Bureau provides free after-school and summer programs for area youth. With this event, the bureau plans to purchase a new passenger van.
Even though not all participants won, they were still excited to be part of the fundraiser.  
SU: Proceeds from the event will support the Leadership San Marcos Class of 2018. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jennifer Galvan. 

Jacey Yarbrough

Texas State is honoring its own. At a ceremony last week, several Bobcats -- among them faculty, staff and students -- were recognized. Bobcat Update's Jacey Yarbrough tells us about Bobcat Pause -- a ceremony to honor those who died this past year.
Tears were shed as friends and family stood to recognize their dead loved ones. The 30th annual Bobcat Pause honored 38 students  and faculty who have passed away. Former student body President Andrew Homann, says the ceremony is important to bonding former and current bobcats.
The walls of the L-B-J ballroom were lined with tables filled with pictures, candles, and even favorite hats and flowers of the deceased. Renae  Murdock stood proudly behind a picture of her mother, a former professor. Murdock says her mother's legacy will endure at Texas State.
 The San Marcos High School choir performed before the  service, and President Denise Trauth spoke about how much the past students and faculty meant to the university. Director of Bobcat Pause, Leanna Mouton, says everyone who attended the ceremony is connected.
Stand up


Dylan Anguiano

The Writing Center on campus is hosting workshops to help students improve their writing skills. Bobcat Update's Dylan Anguiano has more.

Throughout the semester, students write research papers and essays for their classes. Making sure the essay is organized and has all the correct punctuation and grammar can be a daunting task for some students. The Writing Center helps  students become better writers. 
Write Time! is a workshop held Mondays from noon to 2:30 in the afternoon and on Thursdays from 2 to 4:30. It is designed for students to practice their writing. Students can meet with a tutor for a one-on-one session and receive  feedback.
In additional to Write Time!, the Writing Center offers a variety of other workshops. Some of the workshops include creative writing and PUG review. The Writing Center is located on the ground floor of the Academic Services Building North across  from the Den. 
SU: With finals right around the corner, don't wait until the last minute to come to the Writing Center. For more information, go to the Writing Center website. For Bobcat Update,  I'm Dylan Anguiano.


Adam Carreno

Live music, dancing and a swinging good time for all -- downtown San Marcos was a festive place this past weekend. Bobcat Update's Adam Carreno has more.

San Marcos hosted its 25th annual Swing on the Square festival Saturday to honor Western Swing Music and the pioneers who helped create it.  
SB (Texas Swing)
Swing on the Square offers live music and some unique events like "Brew Hop Craft Beer Tour" and "the Texas Swing Hall of Fame Show"
SB (brew hop)
SB (Hall of fame show)
San Antonio street was closed to make room for a stage and dancing.
SB (foot tapping)
Swing on the Square features a farmers market and a gospel brunch. Art was also for sale, and there were activities for all ages. The event started in Austin 1987, but after five years its organizers decided to relocate to San Marcos where it has been since.
SB (outro)

Jacob Villarreal

Organizers say it was the largest Easter egg hunt ever in San Marcos. Bobcat Update's Jacob Villarreal attended the event and files this report.

The Easter Egg Drop Extravaganza at San Marcos High School on Saturday provided attractions for children and their families -- including inflatable bouncy houses, slides and face painting.
The main attraction, however, was a helicopter flying overhead, dropping thousands of eggs for children to collect and enjoy. Multiple drops were made for different age groups.
The event, voted as a Best of Hays community event, was hosted by volunteers and staff members of the Eikon church.
(SU)There were four drops totaling close to 75-thousand Easter eggs. Eikon church plans on hosting the event again next year. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jacob Villarreal.


Jayci Hess

Drag queens slayed the runway for a good cause at a beach-themed party in Stonewall this past weekend. Bobcat Update's Jayci Hess has the story.

What you see here isn't your basic runway model. She's a dancer and performer - the full package. A beach party and drag show last Friday was for a charitable cause:
The drag show was downtown at Stonewall- San Marcos's first and only primarily L-G-B-T-Q-friendly bar. The crowd was treated to nine fierce performances including one of Stonewall's queen bees, Brianna Saint James.
April is sexual assault awareness month and the queens sashayed the runway to spread awareness and raise money for an important cause. 
su- "I'm here outside of stonewall where the drag show is and all of the proceeds are going to the Hays-Caldwell Women's Center. for Bobcat Update, I'm Jayci Hess."

Brittany Hill

The Mural Art Committee of San Marcos is asking experienced local artists to participate in a project. As Bobcat Update's Brittany Hill explains, the project is to create a colorful and inspiring mural along the restroom wall of Rio Vista Pool.

There are already several murals in highly visible areas throughout the city. The Mural Art Committee wants to add another.
Many San Marcos residents are hoping the mural will send a positive message.
The Mural Art Committee will seek the public's input in choosing an artist to lead the project.
The public will also be able to participate by painting with the artist during community paint days.
(SU) Submission guidelines can be found at  San Marcos dot r-x dot gov forward slash arts. For Bobcat Update, I'm Brittany Hill.