Marissa Harold

The San Marcos Library isn't just for reading books. As Marissa Harold tells us in this Bobcat Update, the library is also helping some people learn English as a second language and to prepare for the G-E-D.
The Public Library offers many free services. To prepare for the G-E-D, participants can take classes in reading, mathematics, history and English. Not every Library offers such a great opportunity for its patrons. Library officials say preparation boosts confidence.
The more removed a person is from the classroom and subjects studied, the longer it takes to prepare. The average prep time for a test-taker is three weeks.
Although a lot of people need help, the number of staff members and volunteers isn't sufficient to accommodate everyone. Soon there will be a waiting list for E-S-L and G-E-D classes.
Registration for the classes is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If classrooms fill up, the staff makes referrals to other prep centers in the region.

Mary Dichard

Bike theft has been on the rise around campus. Bobcat Update's Mary Dichard has more.
Texas State bikers should be extra careful where they lock their bikes on campus. Theft has been increasing in the past few weeks, and police have not made an arrest. They say west campus is getting hit the worst.
Stand up
Business major Duncan Davis says that two of his dorm mates at Tower had their bikes stolen within the last few months. Davis says that both of them had cable locks on their bikes, which are easy to break with a wire cutter.
The U-P-D recommends Kryptonite or U-locks for bikes.
Even if you think it's okay to leave your bike alone for a second, think again. One Texas State student learned the hard way.
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Kara Marshall

At least one Texas industry is hiring now. The construction industry was represented today at a job fair on the Texas State campus. Career Services sponsored the fair at the L-B-J Student Center as part of career month. The fair included such firms as Flintco, Walsh, Yates, and others. Students were able to discuss post graduation career opportunities and summer internships. The next fair will be Tuesday, March 10th, for students interested in engineering and technology.


Frances Rendon

It's been a busy time at the L-B-J Student Center Staff. Frances Rendon tells us why in this Bobcat Update.
If you passed through the Student Center last week, you may have noticed a person or two sitting near one of the entrances as you walked in. These people were participating in the Student Center Traffic Count, or Clicking for short. The weeklong assessment takes place every spring semester for five consecutive days and also one day in the Fall semester. The Clicking is done by workers in the Student Center who volunteer for hourlong shifts that range from seven in the morning until eight at night. They are conducted at the Information Desk, next to the Bus Loop, the Paseo, the Lair Food Court, and the 3rd and 4th foor catwalk areas.
Coordinator for Marketing and Promotions in the Student Center, Dusty Vaught, says the clicking helps determine how much staff is needed in specific areas of the student center.
According to the count, Wednesday is the busiest day for the Student Center. Volunteer Jordan Willet says she saw a lot of traffic in her location at the Paseo near Paw's Market.
Volunteer Katheryn Waite says the count seems to be effective.
The L-B-J Student Center serves an estimated 13- to 15-thousand students per day, and that's known because of the annual Traffic Counts.
For Bobcat Update, I'm Frances Rendon.

Alysha Mendez

If you're looking for a place to live off campus, there are resources at Texas State that can help. For example, the university periodically hosts an off-campus housing fair. One of the fairs was held today at the L-B-J Student Center. More than 40 apartment complexes participated by showing students that they have alternatives while living in San Marcos. Today's event had a Mardi-Gras theme with a free trip to New Orleans offered as a prize. The event also featured costumes, free food and drinks, a D-J, and, of course, free beads.

Amabilia Esparza

The Texas State Theater Department is playing host to more than 500 students this week.
The students come from across the country. Amabilia Esparza has more in this Bobcat Update.
The Theater Department began preparing for the American College Theater Festival last semester. The theater building has been renovated to accommodate the 46 different schools that have traveled to San Marcos for a week to showcase their talents. The new lighting and wall colors bring a more sophisticated and classical look to the theater building. Another addition to the building is the new computer lab located on the first floor. Theater Major, Richard Romeo will be competing in this week's Irene Ryan competition.
SB: "Love the new look… San Marcos is the place to be."
Before any seats could be filled, student volunteers worked hard by helping build props, set up lighting, creating schedules, and registering the incoming guests on Monday night. The Department Chair John Fleming says putting this event together is comparable to hosting an N-C- double- A match. Everyone is watching.
SB: " The recognition the school will get from this event…."
The weeklong events include seminars, interaction with professionals, and full length productions. Two of the seven productions that were selected to be showcased are Texas State productions. Guests are excited to see what students from all around the U-S have to offer.
SB: " I'm going to see this play…. I cant wait to see all the plays."
Shows will run through Saturday. For more information contact the Department of Theater. For Bobcat Update, I'm Amabilia Esparza.


Dara Downs

A-S-G is proposing an increase in the student fees you pay every semester. And, as Dara Downs tells us in this Bobcat Update, a chunk of the money will be going to the L-B-J Student Center.
The Student Center is the heart of the Texas State campus. The center holds the University book store, meeting rooms and is home to many of the university's student organizations.
Boko's Lounge gives students a place to relax between classes and access to a computer lab. The Lair is a popular place for students to grab food. Freshman Taylor Davis says she uses the student center a lot.
:9 "central location on campus."
A-S-G is asking students to vote on the referendum that would increase the fee students currently pay per long semester by four dollars. The student center fees are used for everything from electricity costs to maintenance on the building.
With more than 27-thousand students now enrolled at Texas State, the fee increase would help the student center keep up with its growing demand.
Gabriella Rosales says many of the services that the student center provides could be in jeopardy if the referendum isn't passed.
:11 "what if we don't have Riverfest anymore..."
Students will vote on the referendum through a link sent to their bobcat email on March 3rd and 4th. For Bobcat Update, I'm Dara Downs.

Lauren Guerra

Looking for a job could be pretty tough in this bear economy, but as Lauren Guerra tells us in this Bobcat Update, Career Services at Texas State offers assistance.
Many Texas State students are eager to find jobs and internships. Career Services hosted events in February for both Undergraduate and Graduate students, helping them prepare for career opportunities. Speed interviewing, resume workshops and other programs were among the activities.
Career Services Assistant Director Karen Julian says Career Month offers programs for a wide variety of majors.
SB of Karen Julian
Career Services offers several job fairs each semester to help students find jobs and internships.
Goyland Williams, a Political Science and Philosophy major, says Career Month is a good idea:
SB Goyland Williams
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For Bobcat Update, I'm Lauren Guerra

Sasha Armstrong

The Alkek Library is half way through a six-week pilot project that will determine new hours of operation. In the past, Alkek has been open for 24 hours during finals week only, but the Associated Student Government has proposed to keep services open on floors one-through-four around the clock Sunday through Wednesday. The student lounge, computer labs and laptop services have all been in high demand during the pilot project, which will end March eleventh.

Brandon Simmons

A Texas State fraternity is trying to help underprivileged kids. Sigma Tau Gamma has been raising money to buy books for those who can't afford them. The promotion involved students by having them golf for a chance to win either raffle tickets or T-Shirts. Each putt cost 50 cents, and Mardis Gras beads were being sold for one dollar. Membership Vice-President Klever Trigg says all proceeds will go directly to purchases at Half Price Books. The fraternity will be in the mall area tomorrow from 9 a-m to 3 p-m and hopes to raise about 400 dollars this week.


Matthew Champion

Texas State is setting records with this semester's spring enrollment. Matthew Champion has more in this Bobcat Update.
More students than ever are wandering around campus this spring, studying in the library and making their way to classes. The university has reported an enrollment increase of nearly four percent compared to the spring semester a year ago. More than 27-thousand students are currently enrolled at the university. Biology Freshman Blake Brittain says the increase will have a positive effect on his future as a Bobcat.
But students like Public Relations Senior Caleb Hudgens says the record-setting numbers could have a negative impact.
Enrollment is up in all areas this semester, including graduate programs and Texas State's Round Rock campus. University officials also reported the highest-ever fall-to-spring freshman retention rate this year, along with a slight increase in the number of minority students. For Bobcat Update, I'm Matthew Champion.

Danielle Porter

The Texas legislature is considering a bill that would allow liquor stores to be open on Sunday. Proponents of House Bill 863 say the proposed change would generate more sales tax revenue for the state. The current law prohibits the sale of alcohol on Sunday due to religious reasons. Many blue laws have been overturned nationwide, and some liquor store owners in Texas hope the Lone Star state will follow suit. The existing laws allow hard liquor to be sold in restaurants on Sundays, but package stores must be closed.

Dexter Ellison

The University Bookstore and the Texas State Alumni Association have come together again to host the annual Ring Days. Tomorrow is the last chance for students to order the official ring of Texas State University. Students with 75 hours or more of academic coursework can meet with representatives from Balfour to order customized rings. Balfour representatives will be at the bookstore on the second floor of the L-B-J Student Center from 10:00 a-m to 3:00 p-m tomorrow. Students who order rings this week are eligible to participate in the Traditional Texas State Ring Ceremony, which will be held on May 5th.

Katy Garcia

Texas State University's Student Health Center is being accredited for three more years. The health center received a perfect score after an extensive on-site, peer-based survey of its facilities and services. It is only one of seven universities in Texas with an accredited health center. Among its features are a digital radiology unit and an express-fill pharmacy. The center also provides women's health care and mental health services. It has earned accreditation six times.


Shay Creech

Football tailgating may seem a bit different this fall at Texas State. Shay Creech has more in this Bobcat Update.
The university's administration has been meeting with students, faculty and alumni to discuss changing the way tailgating is done at football games. The recent announcement to elevate the program to the Football Bowl Subdivision may result in several time-honored traditions at Texas State being altered.
Another change being considered is a bus route that would take students to and from the game, and new rules affecting the times that tailgating is allowed.
Bridge (shay) This is the parking lot being considered as the new home for Texas State Tailgating.
The university is expanding the stadium facilities, which means some tailgaters will have to find a new location.
The university administration will meet again March 5th to discuss the proposals. For Bobcat Update, I'm Shay Creech.

Angelita Cabrera

Texas State Students have yet another parking issue to deal with everyday. Angelita Cabrera tells us more in this Bobcat Update.
Tram service was discontinued to certain parking areas near Bobcat Stadium last Friday. Students will be forced temporarily to park farther from campus, or else they'll have to spend more time riding the new Clarewood route.
Many students were not prepared for the change.
SB: John Schoenradt
Students aren't the only ones being inconvenienced. It's also affecting San Marcos residents.
SB: Lynn Little
The tram will no longer stop at H-E-B on Thorpe Lane, instead, it will pick up students at the CARTS bus stop on the corner of Robbie Lane, which is next door. Students will also be able to catch the tram at the Summit Apartments, located down the street from H-E-B. Shuttle Systems manager Paul Hamilton says if students do choose to take the new route, it will add a minimum of 10 to 20 minutes to their travel time.
SB: Paul Hamilton
Hamilton says the route changes will last for at least two weeks and will be extended if necessary. For Bobcat Update, I'm Angelita Cabrera.

Drew Surprenant

San Marcos police officers may now be able to decide if you are making too much noise. Drew Surprenant has more in this Bobcat Update.
The San Marcos City Council is reviewing a proposed noise control ordinance that could be in effect in the next couple of weeks. If enacted, police officers would be able to define what is unreasonable noise. They will also be determing what is an unruly gathering. A police-drafted ordinance was tabled at a city council meeting in February. An upcoming forum will address the issue again. Student Liaison Chris Covo says the March third forum will provide students with an opportunity to get involved.
SB Chris Covo
People who violate the proposed ordinance would receive citations, and property owners would be responsible for the actions of their guests.
BRIDGE: Drew Surprenant
San Marcos officials are trying to get students on board with the changes. The ordinance is 85 percent of the old version but new provisions have been added. San Marcos communications director Melissa Millecam says students should participate.
SB Melissa Millecam
Information gathered from the student forum will be considered by the city council, but a final vote has not yet been scheduled. For Bobcat Update, I'm Drew Surprenant.

Andrew Salazar

Two campaigns to promote sex education are going on this month at Texas State. With more on the story, we have Bobcat Update's Andrew (SAW-LUH-SAWD) Salazar.
Although Valentine's Day is over, love is still in the air at Texas State University. The Sexual Health Awareness Campaign and National Condom Day will be observed. Students will be able to obtain sex education resources this month to ensure that love doesn't turn into something undesired. The student health center is also helping in the effort by providing anonymous S-T-I testing and contraceptives at student-friendly prices, and condoms will be handed out at the L-B-J mall every Wednesday. Mandy (DOH-MASK) Domaschk, the Sexual Health Awareness Campaign founder, says that the handout promotes awareness and stimulates educated conversation about sex.
SB Mandy
Amy Cavender, a representative for National Condom Day, is also trying to make Texas State a safer campus through sex education.
SB Amy
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For Bobcat Update, I'm Andrew Salazar.

Chris Sells

Whether you're walking around campus or driving, pedestrian safety is something you should be aware of. Christopher Sells has more in this Bobcat Update.
In battles of man versus car, the car is almost always the winner. Knowing this, it's important to try to avoid confrontations altogether. But on a campus the size of Texas State with a student population of nearly 30-thousand, this is easier said than done. Laws are broken and safety precautions are overlooked. And then the finger pointing begins.
Standup: But when it comes to issues involving vehicles and pedestrians, there's plenty of blame to go around.
Pedestrians disobey traffic laws and drivers don't yield the right of way. And in the end, a relationship that should be courteous ends up being adversarial. If everyone would be more careful and pay greater attention, the campus would be much safer.
The University spends time repainting crosswalks and making sure that crossing signs are functional, but that's not enough. Each of us has to take on the responsibility of making sure that we're a part of the solution and not a part of the problem. That way, when someone asks, "Why did the chicken cross the road?" we can say "To get to the other side-- safely."
For Bobcat Update, I'm Christopher Sells.

Kara Marshall

The student recreation center at Texas State is undergoing renovations. And, as Kara Marhsall tells us in this Bobcat Update, one addition at the rec center is a smoothie bar.
Many students are trying to shape up for spring break and that means staying away from junk food. The opening of the rec center's smoothie bar gives students access to healthier foods. In addition to smoothies the health bar offers salads, fruit, cereal, Nutrigrain bars, and other snacks. Danielle Brouchot likes the healthier options.
The health bar offers computer access as well as a place to relax. Personal trainer Dave Shannon says the bar is a great place to hang out.
The smoothie bar is located at the front of the student recreation center. It's open Monday through Thursday from one to eight and Friday from noon to five. For Bobcat Update, I'm Kara Marshall.