Bobcat Update - Nov. 30, 2011

Ashley Flores

Most shoppers may be looking for bargains this time of year as they prepare for the gift-giving season, but they may not realize how some retailers are also making it easy to donate to worthy causes. Ashley Flores tells us how small change can make a big difference.

Through December 12th, J-C-Penney stores across the United States are taking part in a campaign called Pennies from Heaven. Customers can donate directly to the local Boys and Girls Club, just by rounding up their store purchases at the San Marcos and Seguin store locations.
SB: Scott Pierce, Store Manager 
[Standup: JCPenney's fundraiser will support the 100 students involved in the Clubs' after school program. (6sec)]
SB: Daphne McDole, BGCSM Coordinator
Funding will go toward items like food or perhaps to devices for the classroom, like this smart board, to help further the children's learning process. 
And every cent counts. About 85-hundred dollars was donated from this campaign last year alone.
SB: McDole 
McDole says a big plus from the campaign is that some of the money will help keep children enrolled in the program.
SB: McDole 
McDole says the children are her motivation for fundraising.
SB: McDole 
Children enrolled in the program say it's enriched their social and learning abilities.
SB: Child (6)
SB: Child (5)
SB: Child (6)
And the reward for McDole…
SB: McDole
For Bobcat Update, I'm Ashley Flores. 

Kendra Davidson

Another semester is coming to a close, and some Bobcats are taking a stroll down memory lane.  Kendra Omega Davidson has more on this Bobcat Update.

Texas State University offers a unique world, and it's no secret that there are certain things graduating seniors will miss.
Texas State University is climbing the ranks, striving to become one of the top schools in the nation. To some graduates, the academic environment on campus, is one of a kind.
Some seniors say they have met some unforgettable people at Texas State. Saying goodbye will be hard.
And let's not forget the antics that caught the attention of many.
Stand Up: Whether it be the nightlife of the square or the enchantment of the river, one thing is for sure: there is no place like home and there is no place like Bobcat Country.
For Bobcat Update, I'm Kendra Omega Davidson.

Beth Brinkman

For many students at Texas State, the holiday season means it's a chance to earn some money. Beth Brinkman has more in this Bobcat Update.

Thanksgiving is just the start of the holiday season. Retailers hope Christmas will bring a lot of shoppers into their stores, which means more workers may be needed to keep up with the demand. Some students prefer to work during the winter break.
(SB: Doug Garrett-"For me a seasonal job where I didn't really have to work during the school year, gave me a chance to just save up money, and just have fun in school and get my studying done.") 
Sean Cotter works at Papa Noel Christmas tree lot during the winter break, and he says it helps him get into the holiday spirit. 
(SB: Sean Cotter-"It's always good to see the little kids running around and they're happy to get their Christmas tree and like pick their perfect tree and everything."
As finals draw near, students are busy looking for seasonal jobs -- whether it be at a Christmas shop or here at the Outlets. For Bobcat Update, I'm Beth Brinkman.

Amanda Pena

Sometimes it takes the ringing of a bell to make us realize that the Christmas season has finally arrived! The Salvation Army is already collecting donations at local grocery stores and pharmacies in San Marcos. Throughout the year. the group helps those who are in need, but its efforts are most apparent during the holiday season. The Salvation Army -- in existence for more than 100 years -- provides basic necessities. Its efforts ensure that people can find food, clothes, OR perhaps a warm blanket if it's needed. Visit the Salvation Army's website if you'd like to help.


Caroline Cook

Students on campus were asked how they felt when asked the question: what are you going to do when you graduate?

Kenn Zuniga

How prepared are you for an emergency? Do you have extra water, a flashlight and battery-operated radio? These are questions worth asking. Last month, the first nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System was conducted, and it seems that not everyone was prepared. Kenn Zuniga has more in this Bobcat Update. 

This is a test. (Stand-up)
No, it's not another nationwide test of the emergency alert system, but a test to see if you're prepared for a nationwide emergency. (Stand-up)
So what will it take to finally cross your mind?
Maybe those examples were a bit extreme, but San Marcos Emergency Management Coordinator Kenneth Bell says that it's never too early to think about being prepared. 
Items such as water and non-perishable food should be included in your preparedness kit. FEMA's website also recommends a can opener, a first aid kit, batteries, and personal sanitation items. Still, not everyone is convinced.
Bell says that it's his job to remind you to be prepared. 
Now there's no excuse for you to fail any emergency preparedness test. Reporting for Bobcat Update, I'm Kenn Zuniga.


Aspen Streety

The Texas State campus can seem a little ominous when you have to walk back to your car at night, but there is an option for students to stay safe. Aspen Streety has more in this Bobcat Update. 
For some Texas State students, night classes just fit their schedules better. But with the campus dimly lit in places and with some students being forced to park a long way from where their classes are, they may find it daunting when they walk back to their cars alone. One option to make it safer is to use Bobcat Bobbies.
(Fuller…10 sec…and staff)
The Bobbies are on campus seven days a week.
Standup: Since the 1980s the Bobcat Bobbies have been a safety escort service for Texas State students who are unsure about walking back to their cars at night alone. If you need an escort, contact the University police department. For Bobcat Update, I'm Aspen Streety.

Emilie Hernandez

Don't fret if you haven't gotten the chance to shop for holiday gifts yet. For many Texas State students, online shopping is the best option for purchasing gifts this holiday season. With end-of-the-year projects and finals coming up, it's easier for students to use the internet to shop. Cyber Monday has become an annual ritual for the holiday season. Whether you're looking for digital cameras, furniture or anything else, the internet is a great place to find the perfect gift for that special someone.


Kelsey Manning

For dedicated fans of Harry Potter at Texas State, what's described on the pages of the books has come to life! Kelsey Manning has more in this Bobcat Update.

While it may seem completely out-of-place, carrying broomsticks and waving wands is the norm for these students-- members of the Quidditch team here at Texas State. Quidditch is a sport created by J.K. Rowling in the bestselling Harry Potter series and now exists on a national level with many colleges competing in different leagues. The game rules can be complex, but Quidditch is often described as combination of many other well-known sports.
(Parisher…7 sec…cross country.)
Many players came to the sport by hearing about it on other college campuses.
(Parisher…8 sec…and joined.)
For these students, the impact the Harry Potter books have had on their lives is massive.
(Sierra…15 sec…this generation.)
The Quidditch team practices weekly and draws a crowd every time they compete. Quidditch players are dedicated to their games- playing through sprinklers and well into the evening. Games only end when players have caught the "snitch", or player dressed in yellow, who runs all through campus the whole game.
As far as future plans, the team has high aspirations-
(Sierra…13 sec…wildest dreams.)
But ultimately, for the players, the best part of the whole experience is simple - bonding as a team over their love for the Potter universe.
(Sierra…15 sec…really cool.)
(Parisher….6 sec… hang out.)
For more information on the Quidditch team and how to join, you can visit their Facebook page. For Bobcat Update, I'm Kelsey Manning.

Leocadia O'Brien

The semester is winding down at Texas State, and soon many students who live in dorms will have to move elsewhere for the holiday break. Leocadia O'Brien has more in this Bobcat Update…

Most students will go home and spend time with their families, but a few will remain in San Marcos. And those who live in dorms may have to move
(Dorm guy holiday plans)
The policy for most campuses is to only keep a couple of dorms open during the break and charge students on a per-night basis. That's the policy at Texas State, and officials say it seems to work well.
(Assistant Director about benefit)
(Dorm guy about international friend)
But some students find it objectionable that they have to pay extra during the break, because they already pay rates ranging from 14-hundred-dollars to 34-hundred-dollars per semester.
(Dorm resident about feeling forced)
(Assistant Director about most
students leaving)
For Bobcat Update, I'm Leocadia O'Brien.

Chase Hunter

The Men's basketball team is gearing up for its 13th consecutive home victory after beating Howard Payne University. The Bobcats led all offensive categories against the Yellow Jackets, including points in the paint and second-chance points. Senior Brooks Ybarra led the Bobcats in scoring with 12 points, including three-for-five from behind the three-point arc. Five Bobcats scored in double digits against the Yellow Jackets defense. The final score, Texas State 96, Howard Payne 55. Texas State will battle Houston Baptist University at home this Saturday. Tip-off is scheduled at four.


Bobcat Update - Nov. 17, 2011

Jordan Hughes

Texas State University has been recognized for its environmental efforts. The Arbor Day Foundation rewards schools that promote awareness and protection of trees on campus. In the spirit of receiving the designation, the university will have a tree planting ceremony later this month. Seventy-one trees will be planted on campus on November 30th.

Kaitlin Heaney

Today is National Take-a-Hike Day. The San Marcos area has hiking trails for those who want to take to the woods. There are several parks within a few miles to enjoy the out-of-doors . Hiking benefits your mind and body through exercise. An additional benefit is the opportunity to behold the natural scenery of Texas Hill Country. San Marcos has five hiking trails ....

Chase Joliet

Students at Texas State are looking forward to the holiday break next week. We asked several of them today what they enjoy most about Thanksgiving.

Caroline Cook

The planet Mars makes contact with Texas State this week. Caroline Cook explains, in this Bobcat Update.

Mars is the name of a movie, and it was the final film offered in the fall series of the Texas Independent Film Network.
The film's director Geoff Marslett attended last night's screening and took questions from students who attended.
Mars is a romantic comedy that follows three astronauts as they visit the red planet.
Students were intrigued.
The College of Fine Arts and Communication hosted last night's screening at the Texas State Theater Center.


Bobcat Update - Nov. 16, 2011

Emilie Hernandez

While you may think the wings you get from drinking Red Bull will help you soar through your finals, it could actually be doing more harm than good. Most energy drinks have high amounts of caffeine and sugar. According to medical experts, the boost they give you has a higher likelihood of that crash-and-burn effect and causes high blood pressure and extreme dehydration. So, instead of gulping down another energy drink, experts recommend a healthy diet, physical activity and a good night's sleep.

Cambrian Pichon

Local retailers are eagerly awaiting the holiday rush. Many businesses in downtown San Marcos are already in the holiday spirit. You can see it with the window decorations they have put up and the wide array of holiday gifts they hope you'll buy. Thanksgiving and Christmas create a festive spirit, and most Texas State students are looking forward to taking some time off to enjoy the holidays. And if you're in the mood to shop, you'll find many stores extending their welcome. 

Jessica buck

Yoga is increasingly popular among college students. Bobcat Update's Jessica Buck takes a look at yoga's potential benefits.

Yoga provides a healthy alternative. Forget the energy drinks and sugar. If you need some help preparing for your finals, try yoga instead. Some will tell you it leads to a sharper focus and better concentration.
Sb...Rebecca...You can't really calm your mind without doing something for your body.
Practicing yoga has many health benefits. The stretching techniques alone help relax the body. And having less tension makes it easier to concentrate.
Sb...Jessica...I actually had test anxiety before I started practicing and I noticed...improvement
Sb....Jessica...when I took tests before I focused to much on the outcome and that was actually hurting me while taking the test. So after I practiced and have been able to relax I have the focus to be there and have the confidence to know I can succeed.
Taking that minute while studying can help clear your mind to refocus on the task at hand. Yoga provides that perfect escape.
Sb...Jamie...we allow ourselves to get to wrapped in what we are doing and we forget to take time for ourselves and that is really what yoga is about
Stand up...Me...with increased relaxation and improved concentration practicing yoga can be a good alternative to those energy drinks and all nights. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jessica Ryan.


Ryan Cochran

Texas State students seeking birth control methods could be affected by recent budget cuts. Ryan Cochran has more in this Bobcat Update.

The Texas legislature recently cut funding for family planning programs. The budget cuts have caused many family planning clinics in Texas to shut down, including the one near campus, on North L-B-J Drive. With that location gone, Community Health Services has to work harder to provide care to people who need it.
"This clinic services people from all over Hays County and Central Texas, from New Braunfels and Seguin, not to mention San Marcos. We've got our work cut out for us."  –Linda Byers, Director of Clinic Services
Funding for family planning programs was slashed by almost 74 (m) million dollars. That's almost a 70 percent decrease from last year's budget.
"There is a fight going on against family planning clinics, unfortunately. I think they think we offer abortions or are pro-abortion, but by cutting funding they're really only hurting the people who can't afford insurance or healthcare."
Community Health Services offers a variety of programs, including diabetes and cancer screenings, counseling, and AIDS/H-I-V services. Almost all of these were affected by the cuts.
"I believe very strongly that there will always be a need for preventative care. We've been helping people at this location for 40 years now and I've been here for 35 of them. We're making a difference."
[Standup] "Due to recent budget cuts many of the family planning clinics are closing, but Texas State students still have options available. The Student Health Center also offers family planning services for a small fee. For Bobcat Update, I'm Ryan Cochran."

Kenn Zuniga

Thanks to this week's showers, the burn ban in Hays County has been lifted. San Marcos was lucky enough to get almost an inch of rain on Tuesday. Despite the welcomed rain, city officials continue to urge residents to be cautious.  According to the Texas Forest Service website, four million acres have burned since November of last year. So far, 194 counties have outdoor burn bans including Travis and Comal. The burn ban in Hays County will most likely be temporary because dry conditions are expected to return.

Ashley Flores

Women -- you might want to check the brand of tampons you're using -- if you have them. The F-D-A has recalled Kotex Natural Balance Security Tampons. The recalled tampons were sold at several Wal-mart stores in Texas.  During the manufacturing process, the tampons were contaminated with a bacterium that can cause pelvic inflammatory disease and life-threatening vaginal infections. The F-D-A is urging consumers to stop using the tampons immediately. To find out which specific boxes of tampons are affected, contact the Kotex manufacturer Kimberly-Clark. 

Beth Brinkman

It's International Education month at Texas State. The International Office provides unique opportunities for international education to be recognized, and it encourages students and faculty to get involved with programs such as study abroad. Students and faculty were invited to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with a luncheon in the L-B-J student center yesterday. Another celebration is scheduled Thursday. Students are encouraged to bring a recipe from a unique culture, or a family favorite dish to a potluck at Lampasas Hall.


Amanda Pena

It's fake, but it's there to make a point. Perhaps you've seen the exhibit on the quad, an exhibit that includes fake feces. The Texas State Water Aid Chapter is calling attention to Sanitation Awareness Week. The purpose is to make students and faculty more aware of sanitation problems in the world. The local chapter is raising funds and distributing information. The effort will end this Friday with what's called World Toilet Day.

Assignments - Nov. 14-Nov. 17



Karina Gonzalez

Some political analysts are speculating today as to whether or not the Perry campaign can get back on track following last night's debate debacle. Bobcat Update spoke to some students on campus to discuss Perry's chances at getting the Republican nomination for president.

Breck Robinson

Free parking spaces are getting harder to find around San Marcos, especially for students who choose not to pay for a Texas State commuter pass. Students had been parking in a vacant construction zone next to Treff’s Tavern up until the site was fenced off from the public and tow away signs were posted. The Windmill Apartments were also letting students use its parking spaces until recently. Starting November 30th Windmill will begin towing due to student resident complaints.

Fabian Juarez

Texas State will be celebrating Veteran's Day with a commemoration in the quad tomorrow morning. The event starts at 10:45, followed by a reception at the L-B-J Student Center Ballroom. Tomorrow is a holiday for city workers. City Hall, the Public Library, the Activity Center, and utility offices will all be closed. On Saturday, another Veteran's Day event is scheduled. The city of San Marcos will have parade downtown at ten o'clock.

Kaitlin Heaney

Today marks the tenth anniversary of the release of the i-Pod. The i-Pod revolutionized the music industry. It reshaped how we act and listen. Around campus you can find students listening to music on either their i-Pod or smartphone. The first iPod was a basic M-P-3 player, but in time it has been integrated into other devices to fit consumer demands. For those who don't have smartphones, i-Pods are still a convenient way to listen to music.

Lauren Newcomb

Texas State University prides itself for having a campus filled with diversity. Its student population consists of those with a wide variety of backgrounds and philosophies. In this Bobcat Update, Lauren Newcomb takes a look at a new group that contributes to that diversity.

Secular Student Alliance, a nationwide organization founded for non-religious students, has found a home at Texas State University. The group has received support from other organizations.
SB-Brandon Barber (CRU MEMBER) "I think everybody deserves a place where they can worship, where they can express themselves. I'm personally a follower of Christ, I believe in that. They're atheist, they believe in that." (11 sec)
Barber says Christians don't embrace the group's philosophy, but...
SB-Brandon Barber "It would be
a complete fabrication of what we believe in if we're not accepting of them." (6 sec)
Jonathan Hay, anthropology junior and president of Secular Student Alliance at Texas State, is the student responsible for creating the Secular Student Alliance on campus. Hay says upon arriving at Texas State he had seen many student organizations being promoted in the Quad but none that agreed with his beliefs. So, he started his own where he and others of like mind could share their views freely.
SB-Jonathan Hay "I identify as atheist. I don't make a positive claim that I know there is no god but I could say there is no god the same way I could say there are no unicorns or anything else there is no evidence to support. (13 sec)
Junior Kim Jones says she believes the group is a great idea and will inform others who share atheist or agnostic views.
SB-Kim Jones "I believe they are facing a certain amount of animosity just because a lot of
people don't understand what an atheist is. Just because you don't believe in god doesn't make you a bad person and a lot of people kind of assume if you don't believe in god you have no morals. (16 sec)
The Secular Student Alliance recently elected a new executive board and is hoping to grow on the Texas State campus. For Bobcat Update, I'm Lauren Newcomb.

Kelsey Doyle

Ten years after an accident changed his life, a Texas State grad pays a visit to his alma mater and his former professors. Kelsey Doyle has more in this Bobcat Update.
Ryan Fox graduated in 2001 with big plans for his future. But five days after graduation he was involved in a car accident that left him in a coma and suffering from a traumatic brain injury. This was not a part of his plan. Ryan graduated with dual degrees in Electronic Media and Marketing. Ryan had dreams of being a sports broadcaster. With the help of his friend and mentor, Larry Carlson, Ryan had had rewarding internships at the N-B-C affiliates in San Antonio and Austin.
Soundbite: Larry and their relationship
This week Ryan returned to campus to speak to Carlson's Writing for the Electronic Media class. He was interviewed by Carlson's students and he played tapes and told stories about when he was a feature reporter for a high school sports show.
Soundbite: Ryan "I hope I made Larry proud"
Three weeks after the accident Ryan woke up from his coma. His mother, Nita, was by his side.
Soundbite: Nita "He was literally infancy"
Ryan was taken to TIRR hospital in Houston to begin rehab.
Soundbite: Nite "Our journey has changed a lot since graduation"
In the past ten years Ryan has slowly progressed with the help of God and his mother motivating him.
Soundbite: Nita "Pray for every moment. You either get busy living or get busy dying"
Soundbite: Ryan "count the small victories every day"
Standup at Rescare
Soundbite: Ryan " don't wait for a miracle, be a miracle"
For Bobcat Update, I'm Kelsey Doyle.

Leocadia O'Brien

One of Texas State's student-run organizations set the battle stage this week…the D-J battle stage that is. Leocadia O'Brien has more in this Bobcat Update…

With the tables set, the glowsticks scattered, and the speakers maxed out, the Student Association for Campus Activities, SACA for short, hosted its first D-J competition Tuesday night at George's in the L-B-J center.
(SACA rep)
The event was called Spun and rightly so as these artists used their spinning skills to duke it out to the end.
Loughborough, a-k-a D-J Meow, was just one of four performers vying to take first place but not without a fight.
(DJ Kromly)
The crowd was pumped as the beats bounced back and forth at George's.
(Crowd goer)
And the contestants were feeding off their energy because the winner of the event gets a unique prize.
(DJ Kromly)
Neither D-J Meow nor D-J Kromly took first place. The winner was Texas State Senior Coty Morris. But even in losing, there was triumph.
(DJ Meow)
(Stand up: Some came for the dancing, others came for the D-J's, but I…I came for the glowsticks. For Bobcat Update, I'm Leocadia O'Brien)


Aspen Streety

You may have noticed the lights, cameras, and cords that are running through campus today and wondered what was going on. Texas State University is serving as the backdrop for a major network television show. ABC Family's new drama, The Lying Game, is being filmed on campus with Old Main serving as one of the locations. The school was renamed T-S-N-U for the purposes of the show, which stands for Texas Sutter North University. The second season of The Lying Game will start on January second.

Aspen Streety

The words -- This is a test. This is only a test -- are very familiar. But if you were tuned into broadcast stations or cable channels today at one P-M, you experienced those words in a historic way. It was the first-ever nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System. According to C-N-N, the test featured a live presidential alert code, which takes precedent over all other programming. In the case of a real emergency, the alert system would allow the president to speak to everyone in the nation from any location.


Marissa Wagner

When the clock strikes midnight on Thanksgiving, bargain shoppers will be out in force. Marissa Wagner has more in this Bobcat Update.

(WAGNER…_ seconds…busy fast)"The day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for retail stores. The discounts offered on "Black Friday" brings shoppers from all over. With hundreds of stores in one location, the San Marcos outlet malls get busy fast."
Black Friday doesn't start until right after midnight on November 25th, but for store managers and employees planning for the event starts much earlier.
(JOE GOMEZ..._seconds…long term) "Really preparation starts about six weeks prior to Thanksgiving weekend, and as in years past we try and focus not just for that weekend, but for the long term."
A big boost in customer service and merchandise sales means store managers also have to increase the number of employees they have on hand that day, which can be difficult.
(JOE SEGURA…__sec…centers here.)"We go from a minimal staff of about 50, to the max of doubling it. So, having to find people like that, here for the store is very difficult, because obviously you have to compete with all the other centers here."
The past few years have been difficult for retailers, but Black Friday has been the exception. Stores nationwide grossed more than ten (B) billion dollars on the day in 2010, and some retailers hope the same or better will happen this year.
(JOE SEGURA…_sec…for us.)"Our numbers are actually still the same, some are even better than last year. We really didn't see that much of a difference. Everything came out at more of a positive for us."
With so many shoppers hitting the doors at one time, preparation is the most important thing for employees.
(JOE GOMEZ….___sec….before hand.)"Once you get here that morning, or the evening before, it's just about turning on the lights and letting it happen, it's not, it's pretty smooth, should be pretty smooth, if you've done your work before hand."
No matter what your reason is for shopping Black Friday -- whether you're trying to save money or walk off some turkey weight -- the San Marcos outlet stores will be ready for you. For Bobcat Update, I'm Marissa Wagner.

Emilie Hernandez

Fall graduation is just around the corner and seniors across campus are getting ready to leave college behind and start a new chapter in their lives. Emilie Hernandez has more in this Bobcat Update.

Graduation is always an exciting time for students. Considering Senioritis is such a widespread epidemic among Texas State seniors, it's no wonder that they can't wait to get that diploma.
"I am excited to graduate and to move on with my life. I'm going through the job, interviewing process right now, but I'm also
considering going on to graduate school"
As exciting as being a college grad is, some Bobcats are going to miss what they'll leave behind.
"I am going to miss the college atmosphere, the fun, definitely the tailgates, but, life moves on – just gotta keep pushing forward"
And pushing forward is exactly what students should do. Texas State offers a wide range of resources for students to use in order to prepare themselves for the real world. Career Services offers resume–building workshops, one-on-one meetings with career counselors and multiple internship fairs during each semester. Even with a rocky economy, there are still high chances that graduates will find a job if they prepare themselves properly.
"For graduating seniors, one of the best things I always tell people is start early…."
"Plan ahead, start thinking about it when you're a sophomore or a
junior, not when you're a senior"
So, a word of advice to all of you almost-Texas-State-grads: if you haven't already, get yourself in gear because the real world isn't going to wait for you. For Bobcat Update, I'm Emilie Hernandez.

Ashley Flores

Getting across the Lone Star State might not take as long as anymore. TEX-DOT is increasing the daytime speed limit, from 70 to 75 miles per hour on four Central Texas highways. This includes roadways in Bell, Travis, Burnett and Williamson counties. Also, the night-time speed limit of 65 will be discontinued. But drivers beware. The speed change doesn't take effect until the news signs are up, which should be finished by early 2013.


Amanda Pena

Wurstfest 2011 festivities are well underway in nearby New Braunfels. Amanda Pena has more in this Bobcat Update.

Carnival rides, food vendors and live music are a few of the attractions that you can find each year at Wurstfest in New Braunfels. Since 1961, the festival has not only brought joy to residents of the town and surrounding areas, but has also been funding community projects and non-profit organizations.
Some residents wait all year to enjoy this event and consider it tradition.
(Old awesome guy...sec...quote
about how he has been going for over 40 years)
Others are visiting this year for the first time.
(Texas State student...sec....quote about enjoying the event for the first time)
And others take pride in being a festival employee....
(Archer...sec...quote about his passion for working the event)
No matter who you talk to, all of them will have their own opinions about what they believe is the best part of Wurstfest...
(Old awesome guy...sec...fourth,beer)
Regardless, attendees share one comment sentiment.
(Archer...sec....comparing it to Christmas morning)
For those of you who will be attending for the first time, this Wurstfest veteran offers some helpful advice.
(Old awesome guy...sec...what first time attendees should do)
Standup (Pena...11...Amanda Pena)

Cambrian Pichon

New construction at Texas State is going to make it possible for the university to keep up with growing enrollment.  Cambrian Pichon has more in this Bobcat Update.

A lot of progress has been made this semester on a new residence hall being built at Sessom and Comanche Streets. The North Campus housing complex will add 612 beds -- mostly for freshman students.
To finance the project, the university administrators did what most people would do.
Luckily for construction workers, weather conditions have been favorable for the project.
A graphic of the North Housing Complex can be found on the university's website.
University officials say the project should be completed next summer. For Bobcat Update, I'm Cambrian Pichon.

Jessica Buck

You may have noticed yellow ribbons during your walk to class. The ribbons are being displayed to symbolize loyalty to loved ones who are away serving in the military. It's one way students will be observing Veteran's Day. Another observance is called National Roll Call. Members of the Veterans Alliance are reading the names of the Six-Thousand-Two-Hundred fallen troops in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. The Common Experience Gallery is this week featuring an exhibit created by veterans. A ceremony is scheduled for Friday morning in the quad to honor veterans.

Ryan Cochran

It's not unusual to find all sorts of food being sold on the Quad, but this week Texas State students had something a little different to try if they wanted to.. The Texas State Anime Society is selling carnival food to raise money. If you're hungry for such items as fried twinkies and funnel cakes, you're in luck. At a dollar a piece the food is cheap, tasty, and appealing, but the grease might make you feel a little sick afterwards. And for those who can't resist, the booth also offers a variety of toppings such as chocolate and strawberry syrup. Yummm!


Assignments - Week of Nov 7-Nov 10

Wurstfest Part 2-Pena-Pkg Carryover
New Residence Hall-Pichon-PKG Carryover
PostGRAD-Hernandez-PKG stressing over lack of jobs
Outlets-Wagner-PKG prepping for Christmas
Anime-Cochran-VO bad food being sold on Quad
Survival-Zuniga-PKG carryover
RyanFox-Doyle-PKG carryover
Emergency Alert-Streety-VO

Bobcat Update - Nov. 3, 2011

Kenn Zuniga

Located six miles east of San Marcos, Spring River Estates has a new neighbor that not everyone welcomes. Kenn Zuniga has more in this Bobcat Update.

Just outside of Martindale, Spring River Estates sits on the banks of the San Marcos River. And this is the time of year that residents there enjoy the river the most.
But come next spring, Heller’s world will drastically change. Another tubing operation -- owned by resident James Paul Moses -- will join Don’s Fish Camp near the neighborhood.
Behind me is the future location of the second tubing business. Right next door? Spring River Estates! (stand-up)
But Don’s Fish Camp Owner Don Nelle is quick to point out the difference between his tubing operation from the one in Spring River Estates.
Nelle says he does the best he can to keep his part of the San Marcos River clean.
Back in his neighborhood, Heller says he wants to control some of what’s to come.
Moses was unavailable to talk about his proposed tubing business.
The River Access Association and county officials are planning to meet with him later this month. Reporting for Bobcat Update, I’m Kenn Zuniga.

Leocadia O'Brien

Protesters cheered outside the San Marcos branch of Bank of America this afternoon as some customers closed their accounts. The action is part of a nationwide movement calling attention to what some feel are questionable practices of some of the nation's banks. Saturday is being called Bank Transfer Day. It's part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has a group of San Marcos followers who even have their own Facebook page.

Sonia Onescu

Cooler weather didn't stop some students from enjoying music today as Texas State's radio station K-T-S-W, hosted its monthly Lunchbox Series. The series, held at the L-B-J Amphitheater, features a variety of local musicians and free pizza to the public. The event runs every first Thursday of the month from eleven to one. You can catch the last Lunchbox of the year on December first.

Caroline Cook

The building is more than 100 years old, and it's showing its age. Old Main, in many ways, defines the history and tradition of Texas State, but the building needs major renovation. Considering the drought we've had for several months in Central Texas, rain would be welcomed. But for the folks who work and attend classes at Old Main, they have reason to be glad it's a beautiful sunny day. Old Main may be a recognizable symbol for Texas State University, but it's also a leaky, old building. The university is planning to put a new roof on the place and repair the windows. The director of facilities for the university, Michael Petty, says the renovations will cost millions of dollars to complete. And as you can see, there's a lot to be done. Some offices and possibly some classrooms -- used mainly by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication -- will have to be vacated temporarily while construction crews and roofers do their work. You can expect to see a large crane moved to the top of Chautauqua Hill to do the roofing work. The project will likely begin next summer. So, Old Main is going to look quite different next year, but the renovations will definitely be worth it to preserve the structure. We can all hope that students 100 years from now will be able to appreciate its role in Texas State history.

Kendra Davidson

Texas State students and organizations are trying to raise awareness about domestic violence. Kendra Omega Davidson tells us more in this Bobcat Update.

Bobcats Leaving Out Violence hosted a five-K walk and fundraiser Monday at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock. The organization was formed last year in honor of former Texas State Student, Tiffanie Perry, who was a victim of domestic violence. (Victim in what way? -- if she died, you should say so.)
Stand-In: But how aware are bobcats when it comes to domestic violence and what steps can we take to prevent it? According to the Domestic Violence Resource Center, almost 75 percent of Americans know someone who is or has been a victim of domestic violence.
Some students have taken steps to learn how to handle such situations.
This is true for those who are in relationships and want to avoid domestic abuse.
Officer Otto Glenwinkel says he's noticed a greater effort on campus to raise awareness about preventing domestic violence.
Officer Glenwinkel says there are signs of domestic abuse that could tip off those who are concerned -- if it involves a loved one or friend. As examples, Glenwinkel said wearing excessive clothing, being jittery or easily startled are possible signs. *Preventing* violence, though, should be everyone's first objective.
For Bobcat Update, I'm Kendra Omega Davidson.


Bobcat Update - Nov. 2, 2011

Jessica Buck

No shave November, as it is refered to, is aiming to change the face of men's health starting with their upper lip. The movement called "Mo-vember" encourages men to grow, groom, trim and wax their way into becoming walking, talking billboards. "Mo-Bros" around campus are raising awerness and donations benifiting prostate cancer and other cancers affecting men. Even "Mo-Sistas" can help out with the movement. For more information on how to get started or donate visit www.movember.comor keep your eyes peeled around campus and ask any "Mo-Bro".

Aspen Streety

New Braunfels is getting ready to celebrate its annual Wurstfest. Aspen Streety tells us more in this Bobcat Update.

The annual festival launches Friday at Landa Park. Since it started in 1961, New Braunfels has played host to this celebration of sausage. Herb Skoog, who has volunteered every year since its opening and even served as past President of Wurstfest, says the best part besides the food is something very obvious.
The festival offers not only the best wurst around, but also a variety of musical acts, carnival rides, and even a play. And Wurstfest brings in the crowds. More than 120-thousand people are expected in New Braunfels, which will keep the staff and volunteers plenty busy during the 10-day festival
The festival ends on November 13th.
Standup: For over 50 years, Wurstfest has brought in people of all ages to enjoy great sausage and great times. This is one tradition you might want to get a taste of. For Bobcat Update, I'm Aspen Streety.


Chase Hunter

The Texas State Bobcats hope to return to their winning ways this weekend when they face Prairie View A-and-M. The Bobcats were going for their sixth straight *home* win last Saturday but lost to Northwestern State. The Demons scored quickly and the Bobcats never recovered. The highlight for the Homecoming crowd came shortly before the first half ended when quarterback Shaun Rutherford pitched the ball to running back Terrence Franks for a 82-yard touchdown run. The final score of the game: Demons 21, Bobcats 10. This weekend's game will be at home. Kickoff is at 3.

Lauren Newcomb

The Northeast has already had its first brush of winterlike weather. For Texans it's a different story. The temperatures have been wide ranging lately, making it difficult for us to know what to wear when we get dressed in the morning. The quad this time of year is filled with variety: FROM sweatpants, boots, scarves and hats TO tank-tops, sandals, shorts and sunglasses. November is notorious for inconsistent weather, so don't expect steady temperatures anytime soon!

Robert Fluker

Some Texas State students are reaching out to the San Marcos community to encourage more residents to pursue their education. Texas State University established the San Marcos GO-Center to help potential students ease their transition into college. The city's public library has a GO-Center designed for non-traditional or returning students. Students can get help filling out applications for admittance or for scholarships.The center is open every Monday and Wednesday from 2-6 and every Sunday from 1-6.

Ashley Flores

Some Texas State students will soon have to adjust the routes they take to class. Starting November 14th, the university will make some temporary changes to Bobcat Trail located by Jones Dining Hall. The re-routing will allow the university to install new steam lines to the Undergraduate Academic Center Building. The new route will be through the Alkek breezeway. The original path will be reopened on December 19th.

Ryan Cochran

College enrollment in Texas is up and retention rates are down, but Texas State University's PACE program is set to change that for the better. Ryan Cochran has more in this Bobcat Update.

One of the biggest challenges facing freshmen is picking a major. Texas State's upcoming Personalized Academic and Career Exploration program, or PACE for short, is designed to solve that. Incoming freshmen will spend their first year enrolled in the program to pick a major that fits them and to get used to university life.
"The key is to get students set into a major, and that's what the program is designed to achieve." [Heintze]
Upon its construction, the Undergraduate Center will host all freshman classes and services for the PACE program. Still, the plan is being met with some skepticism.
"I'm not sure if I like the idea, it sounds like coddling to me. Freshmen should be able to figure out what they want to do on their own, instead of in some high school 2.0 environment." [Lindsay Howze]
Standup- "Texas State University's PACE Program is scheduled to begin next Fall. For Bobcat Update, I'm Ryan Cochran."