Christlyn Corona

Enrollment at Texas State has been going up for several years, which means new buildings are needed to accommodate the growth. In this Bobcat Update, Christlyn Corona tells us how the university is meeting the challenge.

Several construction projects are underway at Texas State. New housing is being built. Utilities are being upgraded. The activity requires some adjustment on the part of the students. Some are coping better than others.
(SB: Olson..."people coming in.")
(SB: Hampton..."built up traffic.")
University officials say the long list of construction projects on campus are worth about 585 (m) million dollars. For Bobcat Update, I'm Christlyn Corona.

Will Burney

Some Texas State students are having to make adjustments to deal with construction on campus. Will Burney has the story.

Progress is being made on several building projects on campus. While work continues, students are finding detours to get to their destinations. For example, in front of Jones Dining Hall, access to the library and the quad is blocked forcing students to take a longer path. Freshman Jessica Gonzales is frustrated by the inconvenience caused by the construction
(SB: "...the construction.")
Another construction site by the alumni house blocks a sidewalk. Mass Comm major Nick Phong worries that some of the paths that students use for detours aren't safe.
(SB: "...spot now.")
The construction projects are part of Texas State's Master Plan. Some of them, including a new residence hall and expansion of Bobcat Stadium, will likely be finished this year. Others will take much longer. For Bobcat Update I'm Will Burney.

Desiree Martinez

The spring semester at Texas State is now in full swing, but some students may have a few things standing in their way. Desiree Martinez has the story.

The obstacles that students may encounter are work zones. Construction on campus is going on at several sites, causing many street closures and even some buildings to be shut down.
Students are having to adjust to the changes.
Most of the construction is expected to last throughout the semester and even into next fall. For Bobcat Update, I'm Desiree Martinez.

Jill Ament

Blocked roads and walkways on campus are causing frustration among Texas State students. Jill Ament has more…

Implementation of the Texas State Master Plan is in full swing, with several older structures being renovated and new ones steadily being built.
By now, the sight of cranes, construction workers in hard helmets and the sound of drills and bulldozers are familiar on campus. But construction also brings other familiar sights: barricades blocking roads and sidewalks that many students use every day.
Lauren Taylor is a senior at Texas State. She says the temporary closure of a sidewalk to Jones Dining Hall recently caught her off guard.
Other students are finding their convenient routes to class botched by signs saying Road Blocked or Sidewalk Closed.
Texas State senior Brittany Davis says she can't take her short cut anymore. She's had to revert to other, more
congested and out-of-the-way detours.
Some paths on West Campus have been partially or fully shut down. Renovation of Commons Dining Hall is ongoing, and it'll remain closed until sometime next fall. Several floors of Lampasas Hall are also closed while the building receives an extensive makeover, expected to end this summer. Master Plan construction isn't expected to end until sometime around 2017.
For Bobcat Update, I'm Jill Ament.

Sam Chmelar

A lot of construction projects are underway on campus, and some students regard them as an inconvenience. Sam Chmelar has more.

Avoiding cranes, backhoes and closed off streets has become a part of everyday life for Bobcats. Many have adapted to deal with the inconveniences brought on by construction.
(SB: Marylea)
The construction has affected the daily routines of many students. Commuters are finding it harder than ever to get to class because of the obstructed walkways, sidewalks and parking lots.
(SB: Connie)
Some of the major construction projects include an expansion of Bobcat Stadium, a housing complex and a performing arts center.
For Bobcat Update, I'm Sam Chmelar.

Daniel Japko

Look around campus at Texas State and you're bound to see construction activity. New buildings are going up to accommodate enrollment growth. Daniel Japko tells us more, in this Bobcat Update:

One of the construction projects is the Undergraduate Academic Center. Officials say the center should be completed by June of this year and and will cost the university more than 47-million (M) dollars.
Junior Michael Schooley says he might use the building when it's completed.
(SB: ...use it.)
But not everyone is pleased to have so much construction occurring at the same time.
(SB:...the way.)
The center will bring several departments into one building. University College and University Seminar will have classes in the center, and the Psychology, Political Science and Sociology departments will be located there as well.
Several other large construction projects are underway at Texas State. Bobcat Stadium is being expanded and a new housing complex is being built. Both projects should be finished by the fall.
Senior Mason Robinson says he wishes the new buildings could have been finished sooner.
(SB: long gone.)
The university is also building a new performing arts center on University Drive. Officials say the center will be finished in 2014.
For Bobcat Update, I'm Daniel Japko.

Laurie Gonzales

More students will be able to find housing on campus soon. Texas State next fall will open a new residence hall for 612 students. Laurie Gonzales has the story:
The North Campus housing project, which is near the L-B-J Student Center, is about 65 percent complete. It's located at the corner of Student Health Center Drive and Comanche Street.
Having additional housing is necessary to keep up with enrollment growth at Texas State.
University officials say the new residence hall will be finished in May, and occupancy will begin in August. For Bobcat Update, I'm Laurie Gonzales.

Braden Biggers

Texas State is growing and construction on campus is in full swing. Braden Biggers has more on the story.

New student housing is being built and old buildings are being remodeled. The construction boom is one result of Texas State's increased enrollment, which is at an all-time high.
Some areas on campus are now inaccessible because of the construction. Texas State Senior Brandon Klassen has experienced problems getting around campus and is ready for a break from the crowded campus life.
(SB: Brandon Klassen)
Parking is even more difficult to find. Fenced in construction areas are taking up space where students used to park. Electronic media major Sam Bruce has been forced to walk long distances up steep hills because there aren't enough handicapped parking places for students:
(SB: Sam Bruce)
Construction may be an inconvenience to some, but the expansion is necessary to accommodate the rapidly increasing student population. Texas State Freshman Natalie (last name) says the new buildings are good for the university.
(SB: Natalie)
Expansion of Bobcat Stadium is part of the university's move to the Western Athletic Conference later this year. For Bobcat Update, I'm Braden Biggers.

Kathryn Crider

Texas State students are seeing a lot of construction activity as the university expands to match rising enrollment. Kathryn Crider has more in this Bobcat Update.
The new construction includes academic buildings, a fine arts center, a new dorm and additions to the football stadium. Work zones mean more noise and occasional detours, but students are adjusting.
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Bobcat Stadium is being expanded to prepare the university's move to the Western Athletic Conference. The new north side complex will add 13-thousand-500 general admission seats and a gallery honoring the Texas State Strutters.
But not everyone is pleased with how the construction affects their daily routines:
(Kritzia Rodriguez soundbite)
The Undergraduate Academic Center and a performing arts center are among the new buildings being constructed. The Academic Center will house PACE, which will help students determine their career paths, and the performing arts center, which will feature a recital hall and a 400-seat theater.
Also being constructed is a new building for the Department of Housing and Residential Life
For Bobcat Update, I'm Kathryn Crider.

Geoff Gorman

You see it everywhere on the Texas State campus -- new buildings are going up. Geoff Gorman tells us more in this Bobcat Update.

Construction activity is the norm at Texas State. New offices and dorms are being built to accommodate the rapid enrollment growth on campus. One of the buildings, the North Housing Complex, is expected to be finished in May and will house up to 612 students starting next fall.
New and improved facilities are welcomed by many, but there are some who find the noise and the required detours to be a nuisance.
One of the other projects is Texas State's new Performing Arts Center, which includes a theater and recital hall. It is set to be completed in the fall of 2013.
For Bobcat Update, I'm Geoff Gorman.