Matthew Boyd

As the first week of school ends, students at Texas State have already had to find alternate routes to their classrooms. Matthew Boyd has more in this Bobcat Update.

With multiple construction projects going on all over the Texas State campus, many sidewalks and roadways are closed to accommodate for the construction, leaving many students having to find different routes to their classes.
While some students are unhappy with all the inconveniences that come with the construction, some are happy to see what direction the campus is headed.
With the increasing enrollment at Texas State, construction will be a mainstay for several years to come, but future students will have the opportunity to benefit from the growth. For Bobcat Update, I'm Matthew Boyd. 


Reid Farris

Increased enrollment at Texas State has prompted a campus-wide facelift. Construction sites are plentiful on campus. It seems there's a new building going up on every corner. Reid Farris has more in this Bobcat Update.

Texas State is now home to more than 34-thousand students, so there's a high demand on campus for more facilities. To accommodate the construction, many sidewalks have been closed, and some students find the necessary detours to be a  nuisance.
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Building planners are using as much the available space on campus as they can.
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Some projects won't be finished anytime soon. For example, the performing arts center won't be completed until 20-14. But other sites, such as the Undergraduate Academic Center and the North Campus Housing Complex, opened this fall.
For Bobcat Update, I'm Reid Farris.

Noel Fisher

Almost everywhere one looks on the Texas State Campus these days, students, faculty, and visitors see the signs of expansion. Noel Fisher has more in this Bobcat Update.

Many construction projects are underway at Texas State. The most ambitious project is the new performing arts center, which is set to open in the spring of 20-14. The complex will contain a 400-seat theater and a 300-seat recital hall. The building will also contain rehearsal spaces and a scenery shop.
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Near the L-B-J Student Center, the North Campus Housing project is complete and residents have already moved in. While many are pleased with the construction, the noise from heavy machinery can be disruptive:
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Other new buildings include the new Undergraduate Academic Center and houses a new program designed for freshmen. The personalized Academic and Career exploration, or PACE program will assist freshman in finding the right career path based on the students interests and skills. The U-A-C also houses the Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology departments. For Bobcat Update, I'm Noel Fisher.


Christina Ochoa

Students at Texas State University are dealing with campus construction as the first week of classes begin. Christina Ochoa has more.

Students will have to get used to taking different routes to classes this semester at Texas State University. The campus construction has closed several walking areas as well as roads. Plans to expand the university have been in effect since last spring and have blocked several main areas of campus. Commuters have felt the impact of construction as traffic builds near campus.
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The construction has forced returning students to help out freshman during P-A-W-S Preview week.
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Once construction will be completed, future students will have the opportunity to benefit as new buildings and centers will be open. For Bobcat Update, I'm Christina Ochoa.