Jessica MacCall

The Texas State International Office celebrated the first week of classes with a party. Jessica MacCall tells us more in this Bobcat Update.

Every semester the Texas State International Office partners with Student Affairs and the University Bookstore to welcome new international students to the university.The party kicked off Thursday afternoon in the L-B-J Ballroom. About 35 new students attended the reception, where they had an opportunity to meet and socialize with their classmates.
The social featured free food, games, door prizes and karaoke. Several international student organizations were also present to talk about the many different ways to get involved at Texas State.
Student body president Nathan McDaniel welcomed the students and challenged them with some Texas State trivia and prizes.   
After teaching the new students the Texas State hand signs, McDaniel led them in signing the song every Bobcat needs to know - the Texas State fight song. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jessica MacCall.   

Haley Parmer

It seems that construction projects are underway all over San Marcos these days. The Texas State campus is where most of the activity is taking place. And, as Haley Palmer tells us in this Bobcat Update, a new project has just begun.

The latest construction site is Old Main, Texas State's oldest building. Old Main is where Journalism and Mass Communication students have most of their classes. The building needs a new roof and windows. Also, the landscaping will be changed.
Some students say the university should have waited until summer to start the construction. But others, like senior Alex Navarro, agree that some of the renovations are needed.
Construction barriers have been set up, causing students, faculty and staff to take different paths than normal to get inside the building. Senior Bianka Valdez says the noise from the construction has affected her ability to focus in class.
University officials say the construction at Old Main, which will last through the summer, will cost about three-and-a-half (m) million dollars to complete. For Bobcat Update, I'm Haley Parmer.

Shelbie Watts

Walk across campus and you'll likely encounter one or more construction projects. They're a part of everyday life at Texas State and will be for quite a while. Shelbie Watts has the story.

Since 2011, the university has organized its construction activities under a Master Plan. New buildings have gone up, and several more are still under construction. Older buildings, like Old Main, are being renovated. For some students, the projects amount to an inconvenience.
Some streets are also construction zones. For examples, Sessom Drive has been reduced to two lanes to repair waste-water lines, and the sidewalks along University Drive are being taken out. These projects should be finished in about a month.
The university says the Master Plan should be fully implemented in about four years with a price tag of more than 730-million dollars. For Bobcat Update, I'm Shelbie Watts.


Marco Enriquez

Some students are finding it more difficult to get to class lately. The reason -- barriers have been put up for new construction. Marco Enriquez has more in this Bobcat Update

Scaffolding, buzz saws, bulldozers, concrete trucks -- You can find them on campus at various locations. Texas State is getting a facelift of sorts. New buildings are going up, and old buildings are being renovated. If you have classes near Old Main, Brogdon Hall or the new theater building, you'll likely have to find a new path.
Bus routes are also affected by the construction projects. Some students are showing up late to class because of the construction.
Texas State students might as well get used to the noise. Beeping, pounding and grinding are going to be commonplace for a while. For Bobcat Update, I'm Marco Enriquez.

Maddie Serviente

There's a lot of construction activity on campus. And, as Maddie Serviente tells us, it can be good or bad depending on your perspective.

Texas State has several projects underway to improve the facilities on campus. But construction also has a downside. Traffic is disrupted. Parking is harder to find. Bus routes have to be changed. And some students discover that they have to find new routes to class.
The construction will bring many benefits, but a lot of current students won't be around to see the end result.
The Campus Master Plan should be completed within four years at a cost of 585 (m) million dollars. For Bobcat Update, I'm Maddie Serviente.

Morgan Wilson

Some students have reason to believe that construction projects never end at Texas State. Morgan Wilson has more in this Bobcat Update.

Construction projects abound at Texas State. Streets are being improved. New dorms have been added. By the time the university completes everything on its drawing board, more than 585 million dollars will be spent.
You don't have to go far on campus before seeing a construction site. For example, Old Main's roof and windows need repair. Unfortunately, the construction can also be disruptive.
Construction is underway at the Bobcat Trail Mall, Commons Dining Hall, Brogdan Residence Hall, the Performance Arts Center, and the Psychology building. For many, the positives far outweigh the negatives.
The construction projects are not likely to be completed before 2015. For Bobcat Update, I'm Morgan Wilson          

John Beck

Construction is affecting many of the activities on campus this semester. John Beck has more in this Bobcat Update.

Whether it's the long commute to campus, say by car or bus, or the shorter one from a dorm or from class to class, students and faculty alike are being affected by the constant presence of construction on campus. Day one of the spring semester was no different than last semester as students were welcomed by the familiar sounds of machinery and the clanging of hammers. Surprising to some, however, was the sight of scaffolding and fences around Old Main.
Normal pathways are being disrupted at Texas State because of sidewalk closures and barriers.
Off-campus traffic is being affected as well. Bus routes have been altered due to road closures near campus. Students are having to adjust their schedules accordingly.
Texas State students and San Marcans alike will have to work around the construction projects for several months to come. The facelift will cost an estimated 585 (m) million dollars.
For Bobcat Update, I'm John Beck.

Dawn Brooks

The New Year brings new construction to the Texas State campus. Dawn Brooks has the story.

Students are affected by the continuing construction on and around campus. The ever-expanding student population has made it necessary to construct new buildings. And all of that activity means parking is at a premium.
Soundbite (Coble)
Some parking spaces are no longer available to students. Those who commute will find it very difficult to park close to campus. Another issue that students are dealing with is the noise.
Soundbite (Burnam)
The most recent project is at Old Main where the roof will be repaired and the windows replaced. Those who work at the campus radio station have been told to expect some disruptions.
Soundbite (Davis)
Those who are affected by the ongoing projects should not expect relief any time soon. According to the Campus Master Plan, construction will last through at least 2017. For Bobcat Update, I'm Dawn Brooks.