Tori Valles

School Fuel is a local group that helps underprivileged kids in the San Marcos area. Members of the group pack weekend snacks and meals for children. Every Thursday they distribute the meals.With funding from local businesses, they pack sacks for around 200 kids who get free or reduced-price lunches at school but cannot afford nutritious meals at home. This year they are delivering to two different schools in the district to provide food for kids who are in need. The goal is to help the children stay healthy and motivated throughout the school year.

Rachel High

The university is offering several study abroad opportunities for students who are interested in seeing the world while fulfilling academic requirements. Texas State’s Study Abroad Office hosted its annual fair this afternoon in the L-B-J Student Center Ballroom. Representatives from different programs were available to give students information on study opportunities from countries all over the world. All majors can earn academic credit through the program. Students may apply to receive funding from the International Education Fee Scholarship.

Ashton Darnell

The flooded Blanco and San Marcos rivers are receding, but heavy rainfall overnight left many roads closed and many people with no where to go. The city reports that about 100 residents took shelter at the Hays County Activity Center early this morning after they were forced to leave their homes due to rapidly rising water. The San Marcos school system was closed for the day. Classes in Wimberley were delayed for a couple of hours. The storms had cleared the area by noon today leaving mostly sunny skies.

Max Anderson

A federal judge has ruled that part of the controversial Texas anti-abortion law is unconstitutional. According to the judge's ruling, two provisions of the law would unreasonably restrict access to abortion clinics. Lawyers for Planned Parent-hood and other abortion providers filed the lawsuit against the state of Texas, where restrictions are among the toughest in the nation. Attorney General Gregg Abbott has appealed the court's decision. Some legal analysts say the issue will probably wind up in the U-S Supreme Court.


Bria Lott

Voters will choose new members of the San Marcos City Council next Tuesday.  Places One and Two are the open positions to be filled. To avoid waiting in lines or traveling to the wrong designated voting areas, early voting is provided BUT for only two more days. San Marcos residents can vote early at various places, such as the Hays County precinct offices. Residents of Wimberley can go to the community center. Today is the last day to vote early on the Texas State campus. Polls will remain open in the L-B-J Student center until 7 p.m.

Reyna Caraveo

Many Texas State students are looking for jobs. Graduation will be here soon. The School of Journalism and Mass Communication hosted a career and internship fair today that showcased more than 30 employers. Among them were broadcasting companies, department stores, and city representatives offering employment and networking opportunities. Students from a wide variety of majors attended the fair, hoping their resumes would attract potential employers. The next job fair is scheduled for the spring semester.


Jade Skaggs

It's flu season again -- time for everyone to get their flu shots. The flu vaccine protects against the three or four influenza viruses that research indicates will be most common this time of year. Health officials say getting the flu vaccine as soon as possible is always a good idea, and the protection you get from the vaccination should last throughout the flu season. Texas State students can get their flu shots at the student health center for 15 dollars. Local pharmacies also offer the vaccines at a low cost.

Taylor Wilborn

Breast Cancer Awarness Month is coming to an end. Throughout October, Texas State organizations have sold t-shirts and baked goods to raise money for the cause. Students participated in pink out athletic events and wore pink ribbons on campus to support awareness. About one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point during their lifetimes and it's estimated there will be 230-thousand new cases in the United States by the end of this year.

Carlos Garcia

Motorcycles command a lot of attention on Texas roads, but recent fatalities raise concerns about how they're being used. State law says anyone over the age of 21 can consider helmets as optional if the operator has completed training. Police say an accident in San Marcos last Thursday on Guadalupe and I-35 occurred after the motorcyclist ran a red light. It was the fourth traffic-related fatality of the year in the city.


John Rodriguez

The Bobcats football team has now won two in a row after an exciting homecoming victory Saturday night. Texas State's defense held the South Alabama Jaguars to only three points in the first half. The fourth quarter was a shootout with the Bobcats pulling off with a last-second score that won the game. Kicker Jason Dann booted a 42-yard field goal with only four seconds left. It was his fourth field goal of the night, and second from over 40 yards. The final score was 33-to-31. The Bobcats travel to Idaho this Saturday to face the Vandals.

Patrice Cross

Texas State's Leadership Institute has a new program for first-year students. The program is called Pathfinder, and it will be offered as a seven-week workshop next spring. Leadership Institute Coordinator Dr. Ashley Spicer-Runnels says the Pathfinder program will accept about 48 students for its initial run. Students will meet in L-B-J once a week for two hours from February-to-April. The first session will deal with each student's leadership style. Sessions after that will address the institute's core values. Students will be able to apply for the program in a few weeks.

Valerie Kilgore

Halloween is tomorrow and if your plans don't include a party somewhere, you can still celebrate the occasion by going to the movies. Plenty of horror films are out now -- some are new and some are classic. For example, a remake of Carrie is in theaters now. The movie is similar to the original but with more special effects and a few new terrifying twists. Insidious Chapter 2 about a haunted family came out last month and it's also still showing. The cult classic Rocky Horror Picture plays Saturday nights at select Alamo Draft Houses. And if you're on campus later today, Hocus Pocus is playing at 7 at the L-B-J Teaching theater.                                                                                

Glen Purvis

D-N-A is a helpful tool in criminal investigations. It can be used to identify the guilty, or it can be used to exonerate those who have been wrongfully convicted. Since 2001, 41 people in Texas have been freed from prison as a result of D-N-A evidence that contradicted jury verdicts. Dr. Kim Rossmo is a former police detective who teaches at Texas State. Rossmo, a University Endowed Chair in Criminology, is conducting research into what causes investigations to fail and the important role that D-N-A can play. Dr. Rossmo's book Criminal Investigative Failures will be available November first.

Kali Conley

Texas State University's gallery of the common experience is on exhibit in the Lampasas coffee lounge and showcases a variety of art ranging from photography to paintings. Some of the current pieces document the civil rights movement while others are personal works from students. The gallery hosts several events throughout the year that are free to the public. The next event is an art therapy workshop on November first. The gallery is also seeking entries for its spring 2014 exhibition, face forward: portraits of emotional exposure. Entry is open to all artists.


Jordan Gass-Poore'

Two Texas State-owned apartment complexes are expected to close their doors next year to make room for new facilities. Jordan Gass (GAWS) Poore (Pooray) has more in this Bobcat Update. 

Campus Colony and Comanche Hill apartments staff notified tenants this year that the university-owned complexes, located on West Woods Street, will close in May. The student accommodations will eventually be torn down to make room for unspecified new housing units. 
Campus Colony resident Jose Gonzalez says he may have moved last year because of the complex's affordability and location but has stayed because of its eccentricities. 
SB (Jose Gonzalez, Communications Senior)
Gonzalez says he's glad that he'll be graduating in May because he wouldn't be able to afford to live anywhere else in San Marcos. Some of his friends and fellow tenants, on the other hand, won't be so lucky.
SB (Jose Gonzalez, Communications Senior)
With the closure, Bobcat Village and Riverside apartments, located near Strahan Coliseum, will be the only remaining university-owned complexes.

Dan Shedd

For the third year in a row, Texas State baseball will be in a new conference with new teams. In this Bobcat Update, Dan Shedd tells us how the team is getting ready for the season.    

Even though it's football season at Texas State, that's not stopping the baseball team from preparing for its first season as members of the Sun Belt conference.  Last season, as members of the Western Athletic Conference, the Bobcats finished with 29 wins and 29 loses, finishing third in the WAC. Texas State also sent three players to the Major Leagues via the M-L-B draft.  To help get the team ready for the season, the Bobcats will play two intra-squad scrimmages with the teams chosen by the coaches.
Even though baseball season is several weeks away, sophomore second baseman Matt Smith says he enjoys playing baseball in the fall.
Matt Smith SB-
Back for his 15th season, Bobcat Head Coach Ty Harrington says fall baseball is a good opportunity for the younger members of the team to show what they have to offer.
Ty Harrington SB-  
The baseball schedule won't be released until next year. The 2014 Sun Belt Conference championship will be held in Mobile, Alabama, hosted by the University of South Alabama.
Dan Shedd Standup-
For Bobcat Update, I'm Dan Shedd.

Zachary Covey

The highly-competitive Texas State intramural season is underway on campus. Zac Covey has more in this Bobcat Update:

Throughout the fall semester the three intramural sports offered are football, volleyball and indoor soccer. The football season is nearing its end while soccer and volleyball are right in the middle of their regular seasons. Intramural Supervisor Cameron Wilson says that participation has been affected this year due to higher student enrollment.
SB: Intramural Supervisor Cameron Wilson
Intramural sports gives students a great opportunity to be competitive among their peers while playing the sports that they love.
Some students, such as intramural athlete Scott Davis, say they have gained a lot from playing every year.
SB: Intramural Athlete Scott Davis
Stand-Up:  Zachary Covey

Jonathan Riedel

If you are looking for a way to participate in Homecoming this year, put on your running shoes. The Go Green Homecoming 5-K is taking place this Saturday. The race will start at the West Campus Fields and follow a course through the Texas State campus. Proceeds go toward sponsoring the Pro-Rec student organization. Pro-Rec members include Student Recreation Center employees wanting to further their education. Participants can pick up their packets at the S-R-C, along with a goody bag and free t-shirt.

Tamara Price

The Southwest Through Images film festival will have its last documentary presentation tonight at the L-B-J Student Center. Featured tonight will be a film about the Mexican-American struggle for equality and opportunity. The film festival began October 3rd and has featured several documentaries including on called Pipelined by Texas State students Vanessa Ramos and Max Anderson. Their film premiered October 10th. Tonight's program starts at 6:30.

Brandon McDonald

Dallas architecture firm Moody-Nolan will complete a study at the end of the month that looks into expanding the seating capacity at Strahan Coliseum. According to the University Star, Strahan seats about 75-hundred people, which is not enough seating for commencement ceremonies. During the last spring graduation, Academic Affairs set up an overflow room in Jowers Center to accommodate all of the spectators. The university sent an e-mail last month telling students that a seventh commencement ceremony will be added for the spring 2014 graduation.

Adam Oriti

Homecoming is upon us, and that means it's time of year when Bobcats come together to cheer loud and proud. Homecoming is a traditional part of the University experience and the one-week of school when every student is encouraged to show they are proud to be a Bobcat. It is more than just a football game, it is an opportunity to socialize, enjoy the tailgate experience and celebrate all that is Texas State. Kick off is at six p-m as the Bobcats take on the South Alabama Jaguars.

Lindsey Broyles

There's a heightened awareness of criminal activity in San Marcos because of recent violent crimes. Texas State Safety and Risk Management is increasing security measures on campus by planning for emergencies and updating certain security features. Texas State is working with city, county, and state officials to make sure the campus is prepared in case of an emergency. There's also a plan to change locks on all campus doors. Push-button lock features will be installed. Safety brochures are being distributed to give students a better understanding of what to do in case there's an emergency.

Alex Pena

Mass Comm week is underway on the Texas State campus. Among the highlights today has been a visit by high school students from Laredo, Texas. They toured the campus and participated in events related to the mass comm field. Also on the agenda was a student media panel comprised of K-T-S-W and the University Star staff. The week of mass comm events will continue through Friday.


Valeria Gonzalez Leyva

This is Homecoming week at Texas State -- a time to celebrate what it means to be a Bobcat. Part of the celebration occurred last night at Evans Auditorium where the annual Homecoming Talent Show was held. Access wristbands were given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. The auditorium filled up quickly which meant several students were turned away after police officers announced the auditorium was at capacity. More than 700 people attended the SACA-sponsored event, which featured dancers and singers. The group Ensemble Third-Avenue was the big winner of the night.


Ashton Darnell

Social Media play a valuable networking role at large-scale events such as Texas State's Mass Communication Week. Ashton Darnell has more in this Bobcat Update.

The power of social media as a tool of engagement during events like Mass Communication Week allows students and speakers to interact by sharing information, photos, video footage and even memorable quotes from the event. 
This year's Mass Comm Week encouraged students to participate in social media contests by posting event photos and quotes with the M-C-Week hash-tag to sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The M-C-Week hash-tag gained traction on the very first day, showing up as trending on Twitter. This platform helped raise awareness about Mass Comm Week to a higher level.
Mass Comm Week provided students with an opportunity to interact with professionals and learn more about career opportunities and challenges. Students also had a chance to meet several alums who returned to campus and talk about their experiences. For Bobcat Update, I'm Ashton Darnell.

Jade Skaggs

Halloween can be a lot of fun, and no doubt many Texas State students will be joining the festivities. In this Bobcat Update, Jade Skaggs has some tips for staying safe if you go partying that evening.

Stand Up: Halloween is upon us, and it can be full of fun treats and some not-so-fun tricks. Here are some safety tips for students going to parties or just going out. First things first, be careful on the road. Watch out for intoxicated drivers and trick-or-treaters.
Also, travel with a group of friends so you can help caution each other from dangerous situations. And try to stay away from unlit areas and narrow streets. The bottom line is -- stay safe on Halloween.
SO: Saryn Nelson and Arianna Mixon
But some students don't really factor safety into their nights.
SO: Charles Lions and Donovan Curry
If you drink any alcohol Halloween night, make sure you arrange for transportation, such as a Designated Driver or a taxi, because if you stay safe and out of trouble, chances are you're going to have a great time.
Stand Up: So, when celebrating Halloween this year, be smart. A sudden arrest or a sick friend can bring your party to a sudden end. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jade Skaggs.

Victoria Galindo

San Marcos is home to the first Tesla supercharger station in Texas. The station is discreetly located behind the San Marcos Premium Outlets. Tesla manufactures electric cars such as the Model S. The cars are pretty expensive, though -- starting at about 60-thousand dollars. The Model S has the capability of traveling 150 miles with only a 20-minute charge. Tesla car owners are able to use the service free of charge and can shop at the outlets while they wait. The company says it plans to open at least five supercharger stations across Texas by the end of the year.


Jade Skaggs

Many of you will be celebrating Halloween later this month. Here are some safety tips if you plan to be out among the ghosts and goblins. Be careful on the road. Watch out for trick-or-treaters, and, for that matter, drunken drivers. And if you plan to drink any alcohol yourself, make sure you have a designated driver or taxi fare, just in case. Never walk alone at night. Travel with a group of friends so you can stay clear of dangerous situations. Also, try to stay away from unlit areas. Just be smart and stay safe this Halloween, and consider sharing your candy.

Jordan Gass-Poore'

Tenants are no longer welcomed at Clear Springs Apartments. The apartments closed in May and will eventually be torn down. The university-owned complex, located on Aquarena Springs Drive, closed because it wasn't in compliance with fire codes and bringing it up to code would have been cost-prohibitive. Roseanne Proite, the Texas State Director of Housing and Residence Life, told the University Star that the complex will remain abandoned until funds are allotted for the project. Demolition may be costly because of environmental concerns. Endangered species live in the waterway next to the apartments.

Kali Conley

Spring registration is underway, and some Texas State students say they're using the website, rate-my-professors-dot-com, before deciding which classes to take. Kali Conley has more in this Bobcat Update.

[Stand up] Rate-my-professors-dot-com is a leading website for professor reviews with more than 15 million ratings on around one-point-eight million professors.
Several Texas State students say they find the website helpful for registration.
Samantha SB
Maggie SB
However, there is an alternative to rate-my-professors-dot-com that some students might not know about. On the university's website anyone can view student evaluations completed in past semesters for all Texas State professors.
Mass Communication Senior Lecturer Kym Fox says rate-my-professors-dot-com may not be the best resource for students.
[Stand up] Spring registration has been extended through December 17th and will reopen January 2nd. For Bobcat Update, I'm Kali Conley.


Scott Miller

   The university has just launched a website called Texas-State-Presents-dot-com, an online ticket service for the College of Fine Arts and Communication. The service allows users to purchase tickets for any Texas State Fine Arts performance.  Along with ticket information, the website will feature an events calendar and an e-mail newsletter sign-up.  The website's launch is in conjunction with the opening of Texas State's new Performing Arts Center on University Drive.


Drew Bryant

The San Marcos Public Library needs a little help from its friends. The library looks for ways to raise money. One way that's proved successful is a semi-annual book sale. Drew Bryant has more in this Bobcat Update.

Fifty cents may not seem like a lot of money to most people, but when you add up small amounts of money, big changes can happen. Last weekend, the Friends of the San Marcos Library hosted its semi-annual book sale at the City Park Rec Hall. The three-day-event helped raise funds for improvements at the library.
SB: Blake Dove- "helps buy furniture." (12 sec)
Book sales raise about 35-hundred dollars for the library, which means about seven thousand books find new homes. Some of those books are for children, and that's just fine to Ruby Servin and her family. She says in her home the kids are NOT allowed to play with iPhones or iPads at the dinner table, but a book is just fine.
SB: Ruby Servin "especially at dinner" (10 sec)A community input session is scheduled for October 24th, at which local
residents will have a chance to meet with the library staff to discuss a possible expansion of the facility.
If you missed out on the book sale this past weekend, another such event will be held in April. Book sales certainly aren't a novel idea to raise funds, but they are a great was for the City of San Marcos to help write a new chapter in the library's history. For Bobcat Update, I'm Drew Bryant.

Taylor Wilborn

You don't have to look for very long on campus to notice it -- littering. There seems to be more of it lately. Taylor Wilborn has more in this Bobcat Update.

Texas State has a beautiful campus, but that beauty can be marred by the carelessness of just a few people. Cigarette butts, plastic bottles, bags, cans and food are not always discarded properly. Littering is an unsightly problem.
SB: Kayla
The University has provided hundreds of waste cans throughout campus, placing one every few yards. Recycling bins are also available, offering students and faculty a convenient way to do their part to help the environment. Large dumpsters can be found behind several buildings where boxes and trash bags can be thrown away. While some students are concerned about the littering problem, others don't notice it much at all.
SB: George
If you have a large amount of trash or bulky items to get rid of, you can make a request online to have the trash  picked up. Check out the Texas State Recycling and Waste Management webpage.
Stand Up: Taylor Wilborn.

Patrice Cross

A new dining hall offering healthier options for students is now open at the L-B-J Student Center. Patrice Cross has more in this Bobcat Update.

Au Bon Pain, located on the first floor of L-B-J, was recently named one of the top five healthiest restaurants in Health Magazine. The menu items include made-to-order sandwiches, soups and salads, baked goods and other entrees. Many students say they're pleased with the fresher and healthier options that Au Bon Pain offers.
CG: Heather Enriquez, comm disorders junior SB: it definitely attracts more of our age b/c everyone is trying to be more healthy and that's exactly why I go here.
Enriquez says even though she's excited about the healthier options, there IS a downside.
SB: The only thing I don't really like is that it's kind of more on the expensive side as far as, you know, sandwich is more than your average chick fil a meal.
Au Bon Pain provides the health-conscious student with food choices that were not available on campus before it opened. 
CG: Anna Gonzalez, political science junior SB: I don't think Texas State has enough healthy options for students on campus
Standup: With healthy food options to fuel your body throughout the day, make sure to stop by Au Bon Pain in L-B-J and give it a taste. For Bobcat update, I'm Patrice Cross.

Valerie Kilgore

Students attend Texas State for many reasons but mainly to find a career after graduation. There are many ways students help and, conversely, hurt themselves in the process. Valerie Kilgore tells us more in this Bobcat Update.

For many students, college is a time for new and exciting experiences in addition to getting an education. The ultimate goal for most is to start a career after graduation. There are other things students need to keep in mind before they start looking for a job. Texas State graduate Justin Garelick says social media plays an important role in the hiring process. 
Justin SB
Students need to be prepared for the interview and to dress appropriately, which for some may mean covering their body art. Tattoos are not in all cases a detriment.
Charles SB
Standup- Getting tatted up and posting party pictures on Facebook may seem cool now, but college students need to take into account how it will affect their marketability in the future. Most importantly, students need to network and gain experience through internships.
Charles SB
Standup- Even if you have a 4.0, you are not very marketable in today's job force without experience. Just remember to present yourself properly for the job that you want. For Bobcat Update, I'm Valerie Kilgore. 


Brandon McDonald

Dallas architecture firm Moody-Nolan will complete a study at the end of the month that looks into expanding seating capacity at Stahan Coliseum . According to the University Star, Strahan seats about 75-hundred people, which is not enough seating during commencement ceremonies. During the last spring graduation Academic Affairs set up an overflow room in Jowers Center to accommodate all of the spectators. The university sent an email last month telling students that a seventh commencement ceremony will be added for the spring 2014 graduation.

Corri Zimmer

Library officials have raised one (m) million dollars in private donations to update the technology in Alkek Library. The donations will be used to add furniture and technology on the second and fourth floors. Two rooms on the fourth floor will be equipped with flat screen monitors and feature video conferencing. University officials say the renovations should be finished by the end of the semester. An increase in library fees may result to help finish the project.

Tori Valles

Early voting starts Monday in Hays County. If you are interested in voting early, you can go to the San Marcos Government Center at 712 South Stagecoach Trail to cast your ballot. This year government issued I-D’s are required to vote. Student I-D’s will no longer be allowed. Acceptable I-Ds include a Driver’s License, Passport or a Texas issued I-D Card. The last day for early voting is November first, but if you can’t make it across town, students and faculty can vote early on campus at the L-B-J Student Center on October 29th.

Kayla Urbanovsky

There’s a new organization on campus offering designated drivers for students who may have had too much to drink. Bobcat Boost consists of student volunteers who provide free rides home. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is working with the organization by providing the vehicles used to transport the students. D-W-Is can cost up to 17-thousand dollars. You can lose your drivers’ license or go to jail.

Daniel Shoemaker

Mass Comm Week kicks off next Monday at Texas State. The weeklong event is put on by the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Texas State will play host to journalists, authors and other industry professionals working in regional and national media. Special lectures and panels are available for students to attend throughout the week. Speakers at this year’s Mass Comm Week will touch on a wide variety of topics such as tech innovations, global media and how to break into sports writing.

Max Anderson

During one of the busiest times of the year for Texas State students, the Alkek Library felt the impact from the government as some government resources were unavailable. Max Anderson has the story. 

STAND UP: The Alkek Library is a great resource for Texas State students, but the federal government shutdown meant government resources provided by the library were somewhat limited for a while.
The government shutdown, which was resolved in the eleventh hour deal last night, closed many government websites, limiting access to data, statistics and maps. Librarian Rory Elliott says the shutdown has had an impact.
Elliott: SB
The impact of the shutdown was mixed.
Student 1: SB
Student 2: SB
STAND UP: If you do find yourself in need of government resources, log onto their website to see what resources are available. For Bobcat Update, I'm Max Anderson.


Robert Taylor

Students are getting ready for graduation. There are rings and academic regalia to purchase. A senior send-off was held today at the University Bookstore to help them with their shopping. Candidates examined the official Texas State rings, trying them on for size and placing orders to be received later this year at a ring ceremony at Strahan Coliseum. Photographers also offered cap and gown portraits sittings, free of charge, and advisers offered career information.

Chris Garcia

Students are bundling up and carrying their umbrellas today after the recent weather change. We have a light drizzle in San Marcos with a high today in the low 60s.  A cold front pushed through overnight increasing the chance of rain for the rest of the week. The lows tonight in Central Texas will average in the 50s. There's hope that the rains will help the region recover from a sustained drought.


Jordan Gass-Poore'

Texas State University is exploring ways to be more involved in NASA research. Jordan Gass (GAWS) Poore (POORay) has more in this Bobcat Update.

One of the core components of the NASA program has always been research, which is an area that universities, like Texas State, can possibly contribute. Faculty from the university's College of Science and Engineering met recently with representatives from the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Texas State Provost Gene Bourgeois says a collaboration between the two may lead to research opportunities for Texas State faculty:
Bourgeois says the collaboration is in its infancy but hopes it will provide internship and co-op opportunities for Texas State students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. 
Johnson Space Center representatives also visited the Texas State campus to tour its science and engineering facilities. Bourgeois says the university's designation as an emerging research institute last year helped solidify the NASA collaboration. 


Tamara Johnson

Workshops are offered at Texas State to help students improve their grades. The series of workshops is called Brilliant Bobcats.  The one held this week taught students how to stay avoid academic probation. The workshops are usually held in the L-B-J Student Center. The SLAC Lab, the Writing Center and the Pace Center work together with the university's retention and planning office to offer the workshops. All students are welcome to attend.


Montreal Williams

The city of San Marcos is experiencing economic growth, and downtown is the center of it all. Montreal Williams has more in this Bobcat Update.

Downtown San Marcos is the epicenter of this thriving small town with its boutiques, restaurants and bars! Many downtowns feature law offices and banks, which San Marcos has and so much more. This town is like no other.
SB: Andrea Villalobs compares the city to others
According to the U-S Census, San Marcos is the fastest growing city in the United States. So it's no wonder that business owners want to be part of an economic boom.
SB: Manager of Langford Boutique, Danielle Henry talks 
Stand Up: Downtown San Marcos is widely known for its nightlife but it's also known for its historical history like the Hays County Courthouse built in 1909.
SB: Kaylie Head talks about downtown historyA new sandwich shop, Erbert and Gerbert's, will open soon downtown. For Bobcat Update, I'm Montreal Williams.


Carlos Garcia

Dining halls across campus are now posting nutrition guides for the meals they provide. As Carlos Garcia tells us in this Bobcat Update, the guides, if used, can help students make better choices for nutrition.

Standup: Dining halls at Texas State serve thousands of students each semester. But this year they are serving up a lot more in terms of health and nutrition.
With just a click online, students who use any of Texas State's eight dining halls and cafes now have access to the nutritional content of their food. That's because "Chartwells"-the company that provides the food, wanted to address student health concerns. 
ABELSOT: ....people are self-conscious of what they eat...
"Balanced U" - the nutrition initiative- identifies the amount of fat, protein and carbs that are consumed, and even more extensive details are available on the website.
BRIDGEstandup: Students seeking healthier diets will enjoy the benefits of this initiative, but some fitness professionals say that nutrition is just one component of overall health.
Despite the benefits of exercise, data from the Journal of Physical Activity and Health show that 23 percent of students STOP participating in physical activity once they reach college. Personal Fitness and Wellness Coordinator Mark Grande says complacency is a real risk.   
MARKSOT: ...eating well is important, but exercising regularly is also key...
OUTstandup: Beginning a healthy lifestyle could be difficult for some, but knowing what you're eating could serve as an important first step. For Bobcat Update, I'm Carlos Garcia.

Danielle Rucker

Campus dining options are often a topic of conversation at Texas State. Some people eat anything and everything while others are more nit-picky. Danielle Rucker has more in this Bobcat Update.

Some Texas State students, like Braden Torrez, say the food service provider Chartwells is doing a great job. Torrez says he finds a lot of variety.
SB: Braden Torrez says he is pleased with the food choices we have on campus.
Other students disagree, especially when it comes to quality.
SB: Peyton Stevenson says the food is not always as fresh as he thinks it should be.
Chartwell's Marketing Manager, Abel Valencia, says new policies are now in effect to address the wants and needs of the students. He says it's hard to please everyone because the student population is very diverse. Dieters, diabetics, vegetarians and just plain picky eaters can make the process difficult. Valencia says Chartwells is doing its best to keep everyone happy.
SB: Abel Valencia says that they are doing their best to satisfy students.
STAND UP: Some Texas State students feel that the quality of food served on campus is not quite up to par. Others believe the food tastes great and we have a good variety of options to choose from. For Bobcat Update, I'm Danielle Rucker.

Zachary Covey

Many federal employees are staying home without pay while the government is in partial shutdown. Zachary Covey has more in this Bobcat Update.

Stand-Up: Zachary Covey
Not since 19-95 has the government been shutdown as a result of political squabbling. Political Science Associate Professor Dr. William DeSoto recalls the circumstances of 18 years ago.
SB: Political Science Professor Dr. DeSoto
Obamacare -- the government-run initiative to have more Americans insured -- is at the heart of the budgeting issue. Many Republicans want the program eliminated or de-funded. But Democrats in Washington are holding firm. They see Obamacare as a way to lower health care costs and expand access. Public Finance Professor Dr. Jayce Farmer says the shutdown was not necessary.
SB: Public Finance Professor Dr. Jayce Farmer
Compromise may be the only solution to resolving the stalemate.
SB: Political Science Major Professor Dr. DeSoto
SB: Public Finance Professor Dr. Jayce Farmer
No one is certain when the shutdown will end, although Dr. Farmer says the duration could resemble the previous shutdown.
SB: Public Finance Professor Dr. Jayce Farmer
Stand-Up: Zachary Covey

Kali Conley

Fall is here, which means the flu season is, too.You might be able to avoid the virus if you take some preventative measures. Kali Conley has more in this Bobcat Update.

The Centers for Disease Control recommends everyone ages six months and older get a yearly flu vaccine, but some Texas State students don't think the vaccine is necessary.
SB (Josh Martinez-English Major)
SB (Ty Hunter Stone-Cipher-Sophomore)
College students are frequently near other people when they're attending classes, riding the trams, or living in dorms. This proximity can make it easier for students to catch the flu.
Business major Simone White says she doesn't normally get flu shots but is rethinking that decision since coming to the University.
[Stand-Up] On October 16th the Student Health Center will be offering flu shots to all Texas State students in the L-B-J ballroom for 15 dollars. For Bobcat Update, I'm Kali Conley.


Jonathan Riedel

Students have the opportunity to discuss a variety of issues and topics with fellow students and the public at large. An open exchange is encouraged at the Common Experience project sponsored by the Department of Philosophy. The department conducts a series of seminars throughout the semester.  Today, students participated in a session called Violence and the Anatomy of Evil.  The group explored mental health issues and how they relate to jail reform and the effectiveness of treatment in rehabilitation centers.  The event was free of charge.

Matt Uzick

The Texas State R-O-T-C programs are facing possible cuts due to the federal government shutdown. The Air Force and Army have R-O-T-C programs here, and if the shutdown continues for very much longer stipends and direct program funding will be cut. The same is true at other universities. The R-O-T-C programs at A-and-M and U-T are also expecting cutbacks. For example, at the University of Texas, the Navy R-O-T-C tradition of running the game ball from Austin to Dallas as a part of the Red River Shootout game between Oklahoma University and U-T has been canceled.


Taylor Wilborn

Long breaks between classes can be boring and unproductive, but Texas State offers some ways to make dead time more useful. Taylor Wilborn has the story.

Due to the lack of class availability or scheduling conflicts, many students have long breaks between classes. The long hours can be frustrating if you don't live on campus and have nowhere to go, but there are many places on campus that offer something to do. If it's been a long day and you need a nap, Boko's Living Room can serve the purpose. Boko's is located in the L-B-J Student Center and is available to all students.
SB: Boko's Living Room Manager
You can also go around the corner to Georges to watch t-v or grab a snack. Not only is Georges convenient for its big screen, the bar also offer billiards and Ping-Pong to keep you busy. If you're hungry, you can find a lot of food places on campus, which have large tables for studying or hanging with friends while you enjoy your meal. If you're hoping to be productive during your downtime, you can go to one of the many study areas on campus where there are couches, lounge chairs, computers and printers. You can do those finishing touches on your homework and print it too. And if you need to do some last minute reading, Starbucks offers more comfortable seating. Many students never realize these services exist.
SB: Students who does nothing
Registration can be crazy, which means you may not always get the perfect schedule. So, if you do get stuck with long, awkward breaks between classes, be sure to take advantage of the amenities on campus. Stand Up: Taylor Wilborn

Dan Shoemaker

Former Rhode Island Congressman Patrick Kennedy says more needs to be done to advocate for those with mental illness. Kennedy spoke last night at Texas State as part of the Common Experience series. Kennedy has struggled over the years with alcoholism and bipolar disorder. He addressed a packed house last night at Evans Auditorium. The theme for this year’s Common Experience is mental health. Kennedy is the youngest son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and the nephew of President John Kennedy.

Lindsay Broyles

Commemorating the upcoming 50th anniversary of President John Kennedy’s assassination, the Alkek library at Texas State will be showcasing a collection of rare, never-before-seen photographs by Jacques Lowe. The photos of J-F-K and Texas state alumnus Lyndon Johnson will be on display on the first floor of Alkek until November ninth. The photos will then move to the San Marcos Convention Center as part of a larger exhibit on November 16th. On that day, silent auctions will be held to sell artifacts from the Kennedy era to raise money for a charitable cause.

Dan Shedd

Bobcat student-athletes have a higher grade point average and a higher graduation rate than the general student population at Texas State. That’s according to a recent report released by the university’s athletic-academic center. The study shows that the average G-P-A for student-athletes is two-point-eight, with a graduation rate of 69 percent, while the general student G-P-A is two-point-seven with a 57 percent graduation rate. The Bobcat team with the highest G-P-A is women’s golf.


Max Anderson

Midterms are coming up soon, and many students realize it's time to improve their study habits. Texas State offers many places to study -- under a tree, at a coffee shop or the library, just to name a few. If you need help, visit the SLAC lab on the fourth floor of the Alkek Library. The library will stay open at all hours during midterms -- from Monday, the 14th to Thursday at midnight. So, get ready. Now's the time to prepare. Catch up on your reading, make your flash cards, and find a class study group, if that will help.


Valerie Kilgore

Registration opens Thursday at eight o'clock in the morning. Students eligible to register first are seniors, and members of certain groups like the Honor Society. After that, juniors will be able to register, then sophomores and then first-year students. Check the registration site to see when you are eligible. December first is the last day for early registration. Then it'll reopen on December third and will be available until the 17th. It is recommended that you register early to get the classes you need because they fill up fast. If you are unsure about what classes you need, make an appointment to see your advisor.  Contact the registrar’s office if you have other questions.

Ben Bethea

A proposed roundabout at the intersection of Hopkins and West San Antonio Streets will NOT be built. The San Marcos City Council has decided against authorizing construction of the roundabout. However, changes will be made at the intersection. A center turn lane will be created on Hopkins for southbound drivers to make left turns onto San Antonio.  Also, the state Transportation Department plans to widen Hopkins or Hunter Road from Wonder World Drive to north of Bishop Street. Construction is scheduled to begin next March.

Scott Miller

As the nation enters its second week of a federal government shutdown, many students are beginning to wonder how it will affect their lives. Some students say they've noticed the shutdown when they attempt to research topics online.  Many government-run sites are offline during the shutdown.  According to the U-S Education Department' shutdown contingency plan, a shutdown lasting any longer than one week could severely restrict the cash flow to universities. However, it should NOT affect student financial aid. Several thousand federal employees have been furloughed during the shutdown.


Kayla Urbanovsky

There's a new, free phone app that claims to be getting two-point-five (B) billion page views a month.Kayla Urbanovsky (Err-ban-off-ski) reports on how the app, called Whisper, is catching on at Texas State.

Whisper is a social media app -- unlike any other. It allows users to post anonymous secrets online by placing text over pictures and then uploading them. It also maps the phone's G-P-S to let the user know how close, in miles, other storytellers are. Whisper resembles a Facebook page called Texas State Confessions. Junior Michael Vielma says it's a great tool for students to find a voice.
SB: Michael Vielma
Users don't have a public identity on the site, which helps students post how they're feeling without the worries of judgment from their peers or rude comments from readers.
SB: Chris ThompsonStandup: For those social network over-sharers, Whisper may be the new home for them to post their secrets and to relate to others who are dealing with the same things. It's available for download on Android and Apple i-Phones. For Bobcat Update, I'm Kayla Urbanovsky.


Bria Lott

Upon graduation, students usually want to work in the field that they've been studying, but finding that first job can be difficult. Career Services helps with the process. The office hosts numerous job fairs throughout the year to help students find jobs. Companies of all sizes come to campus seeking prospective candidates. One of the biggest fairs is in the fall. It started today and ends tomorrow. More than 60 employers are registered. Career Services started preparing in July to accommodate everyone who wants to attend.

Chris Garcia

The City of San Marcos has released a smart-phone app that allows local residents to become more involved in the city.  The app allows users to request a service or submit an issue to city officials. With any request, a picture can be attached and will be sent directly to the department that's requested. The app can also be used to contact the San Marcos Police if there is a noise complaint or other such disturbances. This app is available for download on any Apple, Android or Blackberry device and is free to all users. For more information, visit the City of San Marcos website.

Victoria Galindo

Texas State University offers many services that help students acquire jobs on campus. Through Career Services, students can find work-study jobs and a list of available openings through the Jobs-4-Cats website. This website requires students to create an account first before searching for available openings. The account can be created at the Career Services office or from home. Students can also find employment opportunities at job fairs that are held every semester in the L-B-J Ballroom. On campus jobs are usually available throughout the semester.

Jade Skaggs

San Marcos plans to build a memorial to honor two men who helped shape the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. Jade Skaggs has more in this Bobcat Update.

Stand up: In honor of the collaboration of Lyndon Baines Johnson and Martin Luther King Jr., San Marcos is building a memorial to remember the events that changed history.
King led the non-violent, civil rights movement promoting equality and fairness for millions of African-Americans, and Johnson, as president, signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Johnson, of course, is an alum of Texas State and lived for a time in San Marcos. Two city streets are named in honor of King and Johnson. The streets intersect, and that is where the proposed statue will be placed.
Diann McCabe Sound Bite
Texas State students will be involved in getting the word out.
Bailey Campbell Sound Bite
Organizers say the statue will likely be erected sometime next year.
For Bobcat Update, I'm Jade Skaggs.


Corri Zimmer

The Texas State football team is off to a good start. Corri Zimmer has more.

It's quiet right now at Bobcat Stadium, but last Saturday that wasn't the case as the Bobcats advanced their record to three-and-one with a 42-to-21 victory against the Wyoming Cowboys.
While the offense received most of the attention Saturday night, the Bobcat defense was equally impressive. Playing against an offense that usually averages 400 yards per game, Texas State limited Wyoming to a season-low 21 points and 356 yards.
Many Bobcat fans are wondering if this is the same team they saw go four-and-eight last year. Kicker Will Johnson says having confidence is what makes this year different.
The Bobcats will travel to Lafayette this Saturday to play their first division game in the Sun Belt conference.  Louisiana-Lafayette was picked as the Sun Belt conference pre-season favorite. Johnson says the Bobcats have some things they need to work on before they go.
Kickoff is set for Saturday at 6:00 p-m at Cajun Stadium. For Bobcat Update, I'm Corri Zimmer.

Taylor Wilborn

When walking through campus, you can't help but notice the ongoing renovation of the Psychology Building. Construction began in May. Crews are working on interior demolition, removing all windows and repairing any brick damage. Also, the roof is being replaced and underground electrical vaults and utilities are being installed. After the Psychology Department was relocated in June 20-12, the structure's name was changed to the Comal Building. It will house the Computer Science and Philosophy classrooms and offices. It is scheduled to be complete in June of next year.