Brittany Hill

Bobcat Seniors are preparing to step into the real world in May. Bobcat Update's Brittany Hill takes a look into their college experience leading up to graduation.

College can be tough, but that doesn't stop Texas State Senior Jose ______ from making other Bobcats smile during the journey. [ last name ] has turned the frowns of many undergraduates into smiles.
Some seniors may have regrets and some wish they could stay longer.
If you still have some years to go, don't get discouraged. There are ways to make your experience more enjoyable and rewarding.
So get excited! Before you know it, it will be your turn to share your experience. For Bobcat Update, I'm Brittany Hill.

Jacey Yarbrough

With the start of a new semester, some Texas State Students are turning to the campus recreation center to help them reach their fitness goals. Bobcat Update’s Jacey Yarbrough has more on the story.

Determined Bobcats have filled the rec center with hopes of creating new habits while the semester is still young. With three floors designed for workouts, a weight room, and rows of treadmills, the rec center provides activities for all levels of fitness.
Personal trainers are available to help motivate students and teach proper technique, but some students enjoy getting healthy at their own pace.
The rec center also provides students an opportunity to get involved in healthy activities. Spring intramurals begin next month, starting with basketball. For Bobcat Update, I’m Jacey Yarbrough.


Sterling Pitchford

Texas State University has several construction projects underway. Bobcat Update's  Sterling Pitchford tells us about ongoing efforts to enhance parts of the campus.
Last year, the university completed a walkway between Commons and Flowers. While it was under construction, the project interfered with student living.
SB Leslie
The university has also completed renovations on Jones dining hall. While the aesthetics of the dining hall improved dramatically, some students question  whether the money could have been put to better use elsewhere, such as classrooms or transportation.
SB Delanie
More information about campus construction projects can be found on the Texas State  website. For Bobcat Update, I'm Sterling Pitchford.

Lauren Crider

Texas State students are back on campus after a much needed winter break. Bobcat Update's Lauren Crider caught up with a few Bobcats to see just how excited they are to be back in town.

Bobcats have returned, which means San Marcos is back to its typical, bustling self. Every December the city clears out for a glorious few weeks, but January always rolls around and campus becomes a swarm of happy students again.
There are always construction projects underway at the university. Construction on and around campus can at times be a hindrance for Bobcats. but there's nothing to do but grin and bear it.
Regardless of the construction or traffic, most students are happy to be back. The new semester offers new opportunities to learn and grow, and, for many lucky bobcats, this semester is their last.
Overall, it's a joyful time on Texas State campus. The sun is shining, the buses are running on time and everyone is ready for their new classes. For Bobcat Update, I'm Lauren Crider.

Alix Rodriguez

The number of the incoming freshmen class grows each year at Texas State. Bobcat Update's Alix Rodriguez has more on the story.

Enrollment continues to increase, which means on-campus living is also more in demand.
Construction is non-stop at Texas State, and dealing with it can be stressful for those who live on campus. 
The constant noise of trucks beeping or drills hammering away at concrete, right outside a residence hall window, can create a situation where students have to move to find a quiet place to study. 
For Bobcat Update, I'm Alix Rodriguez.

Adam Carreno

A Texas State University dining hall has reopened its doors for business. Bobcat Update's Adam Carreno has more.
Jones Dining Hall is finally back in business. After completion of a 15-month renovation project, Jones now provides more room to accommodate students as well as more eating establishments.
SB- Chase (Gutted out. Everything is open)
But even with all changes, Jones held on to a couple fan favorites.
SB- Chase (Panda express is back)
SB – Leah (Always go to Panda)
The renovations have really helped business pick up. Since reopening, Jones has nearly doubled the number of costumers served daily. [ATTRIBUTION? WHERE DID THIS INFORMATION COME FROM?]
SB-Chase (Old Jones to New Jones)
With the success of the new menus, the company is planning to install similar business models at several colleges and universities throughout the nation. For Bobcat Update, I'm Adam Carreno.

Jacob Villarreal

Texas State students made their way back to campus to begin the spring semester on Tuesday. As they arrived, students battled cold and wet weather along with long lines. Bobcat Update's Jacob Villarreal has more the story.

Mother nature welcomed back Texas State students with cold temperatures and pouring rain. Through this weather Bobcats were tasked with typical first-week activities including finding their classes, buying books and waiting for packed buses. Some students are not appreciating the weather very much:
While the weather may have dampened the spirits on the first day back, there is a long-term goal ahead in sight.
Some students are looking forward to the semester as a way to spread positive vibes into 2017 as well as entertain those who are trying to stay dry.
Texas State has reached record enrollment for many straight years now, and the ever-growing campus shows no signs of slowing down. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jacob Villarreal.


Kathryn Macchia

As the number of students enrolled at Texas State University continues to rise, students are finding it more difficult to make it to class on time. Bobcat Update's Kathryn Macchia has more on the story.

Many Texas State students choose to live off campus and commute, but parking is limited. Some students are being forced to spend extra time getting to campus.
SB Bill Mason 
The Fall 2015 freshman class marked the 18th consecutive year Texas State set a record high enrollment, according to the university's Office of Media Relations.  Commuters want a reliable to get to class on time.
They have the option to purchase parking permits that cost up to 400 dollars, but have one doesn't guarantee a spot.
SB Andrea Cordova 
Construction zones are also affecting the available parking space and bus routes for students living off campus.  The Transportation Services division says about 285 parking spaces are temporarily UNavailable because of construction. 
SB Tyler Dumas 
SB Tyler Dumas
So far the university has not released any plans to increase parking and transportation services. For Bobcat Update, I'm Kathryn Macchia.