Colin Woods

There has been a lot of construction going on around the Texas State campus this semester, but one project in particular has many students worried about how it will affect them. Angelica Cobos has the story.

Jones Dining Hall is closed for renovations until sometime next year, and it's affecting many students.
The dining hall was built during the 1970s and was the most popular dining facility on campus, serving thousands every year.
Having one less dining facility means longer lines at the ones still open for business, but the longer lines mean a lot of waiting, frustrating students like Asher Woolridge:
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Some students fear that the longer lines will cause them to be late to class. At the very least, they are forced to change their daily routines.
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The renovation of Jones Dining Hall will continue until August of 2016, so the long lines that students are complaining about aren't going anywhere, anytime soon. For Bobcat Update, I'm Angelica Cobos.


Kayla Kennedy

As a potentially historic snowstorm hits the Northeast, here in San Marcos it's 70 degrees and absolutely beautiful. Bobcat Update's Hunter Cortez tells us how Texas State students are embracing the warm weather.

At Sewell Park, no one is worried about being snowed in. There's no chance of it happening here this week.
Several states in the Northeast, including New York and New Jersey, have declared a state of emergency because of the storm, and government officials are encouraging people to stay indoors.
Texas State students are getting a little taste of summer by spending their afternoon by the river and walking around campus in short sleeves and even shorts. Meanwhile, those who live in the Northeast are getting ready for a long night. But don't get used to this kind of weather in Central Texas. We're expecting cooler temperatures and rain later this week. For Bobcat Update, I'm Hunter Cortez.

Ashley Childs

Hungry on campus? Well, now there's one less dining hall for students to go to. Bobcat Update's Nic Casiano has the story on how students are reacting.

Jones Food Court, located between Alkek and Tower Hall, is expected to be closed until Fall 2016. The dining hall had a wide selection of food choices from pizza to sandwiches and even Panda Express. With over 35-thousand students enrolled at Texas State, many see a need for a wider selection of dining facilities on campus.
Jones will be completely remodeled to accommodate the need for more choices. But, for now, students have to deal with long lines at other places.
The Commons Dining Hall and the L-B-J dining hall are now packed with students, causing long lines and long wait times. For Bobcat Update, I'm Nic Casiano.


Zach Bland

Bobcats face many of the same problems this semester as they have in the past. Zach Bland has more on this Bobcat Update.

Parking on campus is as much a hassle as it ever was.
The permit-parking only signs are there as usual, but some students may be in for a shock.
Commuters have the option of purchasing a parking permit, but there's no assurance they'll find a spot close to campus.
The staff at parking services has no control over whether more garages or more spaces can be provided, but they hear many of the complaints.
With most of the construction on campus being geared toward dorms and educational facilities, it doesn't look like the parking situation will improve anytime this year. For Bobcat Update, I'm Zach Bland.

Leah Hatcher

At the beginning of each semester, many students cope with an array of stresses and problems. One such problem is getting to school on time. Leah Hatcher has the story in this Bobcat Update.

The Texas State shuttle system can be a convenient and reliable means of transportation for getting to and from school. However, with the university's ever-growing population, setbacks are common and many students have problems making it to class on time.
SB – Patricia Martinez, Student – "I'll sometimes have to wait for a few buses to come by just to be able to get on one."
The Texas State shuttles are equipped with G-P-S tracking so that students can see exactly where the buses are if they use the Texas State app. Texas State bus driver Jordan Richardson says that there are certain high traffic times during the day that make it hard to get on a bus.
SB – Jordan Richardson, Bus Driver – "Leave an hour earlier than your class. Even if it took you twenty minutes yesterday, that doesn't mean that it'll be like that every day."
Those who live away from campus also have the option of driving. An issue for commuters, of course, is the expense of purchasing a parking permit or paying to park park in one of the garages. To avoid such costs, some find walking or biking is the best way to the university -- IF they can get an early start. For Bobcat Update, I'm Leah Hatcher.

Allison Johnson

Texas State University's radio station is undergoing office renovations to accommodate its growing news department. Allison Johnson has more on this Bobcat Update.

K-T-S-W recently re-arranged its work space to create individual recording suites. Also, the newsroom and main office have traded places. The changes will improve efficiency for the staff. The news department will use the new suites to conduct phone interviews and record stories for daily newscasts. The new work space will mean less frequent interruptions and less noise for the news reporters.
There are currently three operable suites, with another two under construction. The individual bays include computers, sound boards, microphones, and sound proofing along the walls, as well as a heavy-duty sound proof curtain to prevent any background noise while students are recording.
The remaining recording suites are in their final phases of construction. For Bobcat Update, I'm Allison Johnson.

Hannah Cramer

Applications for graduation are now open for students graduating in May. Hannah Cramer has more in this Bobcat Update.

Texas State students can now apply for the spring 2015 commencement ceremony. The application is on Cats Web and can be accessed from any computer. SB (Chantal): Discussing her experience applying for graduation.
Students can participate in the spring commencement ceremony as long as they have completed all of their degree's required credits. There is an exception for students who have no more than nine credit hours left to complete.
SB (Chandler): Expressing her excitement about graduation.
SB (Rebecca): Talking about graduation.Applications are due March 13th. The spring commencement ceremonies will be held in Strahan Coliseum on May 14th, 15th and 16th. For Bobcat Update, I'm Hannah Cramer.

Greg Tate

A popular dining hall on campus is closed for renovations and new businesses are taking note. Greg Tate has more in this Bobcat Update.

Jones Dining Hall has served hungry Bobcats since the 1970's. The popular eating facility is undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation to better serve Texas State's growing population. The venture has a projected completion date of August 2016. Many Bobcats say they are missing interesting dining options such as Panda Express.
Fortunately, off-campus dining alternatives will soon become just steps away. Just down the hill from campus, budding businesses are setting up shop to serve hungry Bobcats. With a close proximity to the over 36-thousand students on campus, the square is quickly becoming a hot spot for popular chains. Austin favorite, Torchy's Taco's is gearing up for an appetizing February opening alongside Jersey Mike's and Smoothie King. Small businesses are also cashing in on the allure of San Marcos. Pierogies, poutine, and hula hooping are all on the menu at Dine and Dash, a food truck that has been parked in San Marcos since last November. Its owner, a Texas State M-B-A student, hopes to encourage Texas State students to eat good food and make good decisions.
With the opening of all of these new restaurants, Bobcat's have something besides knowledge to be hungry for. For Bobcat Update, I'm Greg Tate.

Brandi Calhoun

The spring semester at Texas State University is underway. Most students have the same goals in mind: pass the courses they're taking and prepare for graduation. Brandi Calhoun has the story.

Winter break is over, and the campus is again bustling. It's time again to concentrate on going to school and planning for the future. Texas State student Cody Wilson has a full load this semester. In addition to attending classes, he has an internship and a full-time job.
Students returned to campus with mixed feelings. Having a Christmas break was great, but now it's time to get the ball rolling.
Texas State this semester has an enrollment of more than 36-thousand students. For Bobcat Update, I'm Brandi Calhoun.

Jason Kowalski

There's a lot of construction activity in San Marcos, which may contribute to some Texas State students being impatient at times as they try to navigate around barriers. Jason Kowalski has more in this Bobcat Update.

It seems like no matter where you go on campus, you always find yourself in the middle of a construction zone. Students have to take detours to get from class to class, and those driving around campus are forced to find alternate routes.
Even businesses in downtown San Marcos are feeling the effects of construction. For example, the building that was once Cedar's Mediterranean Cafe was recently leveled and that area is now just an empty lot surrounded by fences. The construction is troublesome to some San Martians.
Signs posted near some construction sites show that projected deadlines have been missed. When the projects will be finished remains to be seen. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jason Kowalski.