Jacob Villarreal

Texas State has elected a new student government president. Bobcat Update's Jacob Villarreal has more.

More than four-thousand votes were cast by Texas State students last week to determine who will serve in student government. It was a tight race for President and Vice President with the ticket of Connor Clegg and Colton Duncan winning.
The current administration is confident the Clegg administration will continue making positive changes for students.
The president-elect says he has several issues he will focus on during his term.
The new administration also wants to cut tuition rates, promote school pride, and further the impact of student government by listening more to the student body.
The student senate meets each Monday night in the L-B-J Student Center. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jacob Villarreal.


Brittany hill

President Trump has labeled the news media as Enemies of the People. Bobcat Update's Brittany Hill has reaction to Trump's statement.

The Trump administration is off to a rocky start with the news media. President Trump claims some news organizations are bad for the country.
Some media outlets, including The New York Times and C-N-N, were banned last week from an informal White House briefing.
These events could damage trust in government and the ability of the news media to do their jobs.
SB--- Hasan Tajalli
However, such animosity could prove inspirational to some journalists.
SB---Kym Fox
This past weekend the Trump administration announced that the president will NOT participate in the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner, which is another sign of the deteriorating relationship between the White House and the reporters who cover it. For Bobcat Update, I'm Brittany Hill.

Cristian Perez

A San Marcos gym owner is training for what he hopes will take him to the next level of Cross-fit. Bobcat Update's Cristian Perez has more on the story.
Weston Nieman is new to San Marcos. He moved here last August with childhood friend Quentin Murr to open a Crossfit gym.
SB:Weston Nieman
Nieman and Murr quit their daytime jobs to pursue full-time their dreams of being professional Crossfit athletes. It was a tough choice.
SB: Quentin Murr
Coming from a small town, Nieman was not always into Crossfit. He originally had aspirations to play professional football; however, after having several injuries at New Mexico State and Texas Tech, he stopped playing. As the years went by, Murr tried to convince Nieman to commit to  Crossfit.
SB: Weston Nieman
Nieman finally attended a class, and, after he did, he came to love it. He then promised himself to participate in the Crossfit Open with hopes of making the regionals. The Crossfit Open is a five-week competition where a workout is posted once a week for athletes to participate. Those with the best scores advance.
SB: Quentin Murr
Nieman started competing in Crossfit and proved to be quite exceptional. He qualified for the pro division in The Fittest games -- a worldwide competition. Now his goal is to be one of Crossfit's top athletes.
SB: Kirstyn Conwell
(Standup) To learn more about Weston's journey and Battle Wolf Crossfit, check out their website or simply look them up on Facebook or Instagram. For Bobcat Update, I'm Cristian Perez.

Archana Nair

Texas State offers a variety of opportunities for students who are looking for jobs. Bobcat Update's Archana Nair has more.

While some students may be planning for their spring break vacations, others are looking ahead at what they'll do after graduation. Texas State's Career Services provides resources and professional guidance for students who are ready to step into the real world.
Career Services holds job fairs on campus where companies like H-E-B, Kohl's, and Target recruit students for all kinds of positions.
Some students find the resources beneficial.
Career Services is located in the L-B-J Student Center. For more information about upcoming fairs and other resources, log on to career services-Dot-T-X-State-dot-E-D-U. For Bobcat Update, I'm Archana Nair.

Jonathan Szedeli

Campus carry has been in effect for almost seven months. The law allows those who have permits to carry concealed guns to carry them on campus. Bobcat Update's Jonathan Szedeli takes a look at how the law has affected Texas State.

Senate Bill Eleven is the legislation that allows campus carry.  Many expressed strong opinions for and against the law when it was enacted, and now -- several months later -- those opinions remain strong. Some professors question its relevance.
According to University Police, there have been no incidents involving campus carry since the law went into effect.  Despite this fact, not everyone's fears have been calmed.
While some share this view, others on campus have a different perspective and embrace the new law.
School officials would like to remind students that while C-H-L licenses allow you to carry on campus, certain buildings -- such as the Student Health Center, Child Development Center and the President's  house -- are restricted areas
SB (Stand Up)
One concern that both sides of this controversial issue share is the desire to maintain a safe campus for everyone.
For Bobcat Update, I'm Jonathan Szedeli.


Callie Burnett

The Texas State Comedy Association is welcoming students from all majors to join the university's first organization dedicated to making others laugh. Bobcat Update's Callie Burnett has the story.

The Comedy Association was formed to bring comedy enthusiasts together to perfect their craft. The organization holds weekly workshops for those who would like to participate and learn more  about stand-up, sketch and improv  comedy. 
The Comedy Association participates in many open mics during the week, where members perform stand-up at local bars and coffee shops in Austin  and San Marcos. President and founder, Garrett Buss, says stage fright is very common for stand-up comedians and can be difficult to overcome. 
The Texas State Comedy Association welcomes anyone who has an interest in comedy to come to one of the meetings held on campus during the week. [PLEASE BE MORE SPECIFIC -- WHEN AND WHERE?] For Bobcat Update I'm Callie Burnett.

Areli Cabildo

Texas State University and The Hays County Food Bank are collaborating to bring free food to students on campus. Bobcat Update's Areli Cabildo tells us where the food is distributed.
Expenses for a college student can quickly add up. Tuition, books, supplies and more have to be paid. Often that leaves very little money to eat nutritious meals. But donations from H-E-B, local farms and the community are giving students a chance to enjoy healthier choices at mealtime.
The meal bags contain fresh produce, meats and bread, and students who get them are happy the university has found a way to help them manage their tight budgets.
Food is distributed each Monday on campus from noon until one at the United Campus Ministries building. For more information on distribution locations, visit  w-w-w-dot-hays-county-food-bank-dot-com. For Bobcat Update, I'm Areli Cabildo.


Josh Kelley

The making of craft beer is a growing trend in San Marcos.  Josh Kelley tells us more in this  Bobcat Update

Next to Texas State University is a shopping strip where you'll find businesses like Bobcat Nation and Pie Society.  Another thriving enterprise is a neighborhood bar called The Growling. At The Growling you can imbibe in more than 30 different craft beers -- all made in Texas. There are some created in San Marcos, such as Middleton, Altmeyer and Lewis. 
The Growling is tucked away in the corner of a San Marcos shopping center, located near the Texas State Music Building at Sessom and L-B-J.
The Growling also hosts music and art from some of the locals. 
Whether you need to blow off stress or just need another excuse to have a cold one, San Marcos provides plenty of opportunities -- thanks to the city's growing craft beer community. For Bobcat Update, I'm Josh Kelley


Alix Lares-Rodriguez

A San Marcos restaurant has been recognized for its quality. Bobcat Update's Alix Rodriguez has the story. 

The Root Cellar Cafe & Brewery has been in business in San Marcos since 2005. For the second consecutive year, the restaurant has been recognized as one of the 15 best in Texas. [ACCORDING TO WHOM?--YOU MUST NAME THE SOURCE]
The staff gets a lot of credit for earning the recognition. 
The staff says the restaurant's food and atmosphere have contributed to the restaurant's success. 
The Root Cellar is located at 215 North L-B-J in San Marcos. For Bobcat Update, I'm Alix Rodriguez. 



Matthew Fagerson

New technology at Alkek Library is taking printing to a new dimension. Bobcat Update's Matthew Fagerson has the story.

From toys and trinkets to prosthetic limbs, Texas State students can now three-D print almost anything they can imagine.
Some students are already solving problems with the tools available in Alkek's three-D print lab.
The lab also has scanning technology that can quickly create computer models of real-world objects.
One goal of those who oversee the lab is to introduce three-D scanning and printing to students who want to learn more.
The three-D print lab is located on the fourth floor of Alkek. Anyone with a valid Texas State I-D can use the printers. Cost is based on the amount of material used. You can find more information about three-D printing at the library's website. For Bobcat Update, I'm Matthew Fagerson.

Benjamin Rauls

Spring intramural sports are underway, as Texas State students find a fun way to de-stress. Bobcat Update's Benjamin Rauls has more on the story.

Throughout the semester, it's easy for students to become overwhelmed, but there are many options to deal with the stress. One option is to participate in intramural sports.
For many students, it's a chance to unwind and take their minds off projects and school work. It's also a unique way to socialize with other Bobcats.
Participating in intramural sports is also a healthy activity. According to the American Council on Exercise, playing recreational sports can help boost self-esteem, reduce stress and improve one's mood.
Students of all skill levels have the ability to join. For more information on how to get involved in a sports league, visit the intramural sports office at the Student Recreation Center. For Bobcat Update, I'm Benjamin Rauls.

Kathryn Macchia

The Aquarena Springs Loop 82 overpass project is moving into its final phase. Bobcat Update's Kathryn Macchia has more on the story. 

Traffic was reduced to one lane recently as workers prepare to permanently re-route traffic through the railroad crossing and the intersection at Post Road. The lane reduction will last several months, leading to potential problems for business owners in the area.
The Texas Department of Transportation is encouraging drivers to allow extra time to travel through this area, but some drivers are choosing to avoid the construction traffic altogether.
Road signs are in place to alert drivers of the lane closure. Traffic will remain in this new configuration for the foreseeable future. Two-lane traffic each way will resume after the frontage roads and overpass are finished.
The Loop 82 overpass project is expected to continue until late 2017. For Bobcat Update, I'm Kathryn Macchia. 

Morgan Burrell

Twelve freshmen have been added to the Texas State baseball roster. Morgan Burrell tells us more in this Bobcat Update.
Some fresh faces on the Texas State baseball team means that the Bobcats could have an exciting season. The roster needed some new players because several seniors from last year were either drafted or graduated. The team has filled the vacancies.
[SB] – Harrington The team may have lost some leadership and experience, but the remaining players are looking forward to the season.
[SB] – Sherley
Stand Up
[SB] – Harrington
Texas State faces the Baylor Bears at Bobcat Ballpark tonight at six o'clock. For Bobcat Update, I'm Morgan Burrell.

Dalia Moreno

Texas State is celebrating Black History Month with a variety of events on campus. Bobcat Update's Dalia Moreno has the story.

For many students, Black History month is a time to reflect on the past and work toward the future.
The office of Student Diversity and Inclusion wants to make sure all students know they are important in the Bobcat community.
S-D-I hosted the Martin Luther King Freedom March and Celebration earlier this month to kick-off Black History Month.
Several student organizations are holding events. The Black Student Alliance is hosting its Annual Desegregation Picnic this Friday, and Naturally Y.O.U., a women's organization, also has events planned.
All Bobcats are welcome to attend the events this month. It's a time to celebrate and learn more about African-American history. For Bobcat Update, I'm Dalia Moreno.

Jacey Yarbrough

Construction of the Loop 82 Overpass along Aquarena Springs is advancing. As it enters a new phase, the project is causing more traffic delays . Bobcat Update's Jacey Yarbrough has the story.

Drivers are being redirected through a new railroad crossing at Post Road and a new street called Bobcat Drive. The detour will remain active for several months while the over-pass is being completed. Some students say the detour will affect their morning commute.
Motorists should allow extra time to travel through the detoured areas, including Travis Elementary School and the Bobcat Stadium parking lot. Tex-DOT has asked for patience when driving through the work zone, but not all commuters are concerned.
After this phase of the project is complete, there will be two travel lanes in each direction. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jacey Yarbrough.

Krys White

It's election time at Texas State. Bobcat Update's Krys White has more.

The 2017-2018 Student Body Government elections are taking place now. Students are voting for President, Vice President and the Senate. The candidates for president are Connor Clegg And Russell Boyd and for Vice President Colton Duncan and Emari Shelvin.
Campus safety and sexual assault are hot-topic issues the candidates have addressed, along with promoting a more open dialogue between students and faculty.
The winners of the election will replace the Homann-Martinez administration.
Those wanting to vote may do so online or at the Student Center until tomorrow at seven p.m.  For Bobcat Update, I'm Krys White.

Dylan Anguiano

A veterans' exhibit honoring those who have served is on display at Alkek Library. Bobcat Update's Dylan Anguiano has the story.
The exhibit called Memories from My Duffle Bag has items dating back to World War II. War medals and uniforms are among the memorabilia at the exhibit, which was put together by Dana Holmes. Holmes wanted students to become more aware of student veterans at Texas State. For some veterans, the exhibit reminds them of their time in the military. 
The transition from service to the classroom can have an effect on some Bobcat veterans.
Organizers of the exhibit say they want to honor veterans and show appreciate for their service.
Most of the war memorabilia in the exhibit comes from Texas State students who have served. They donated the items on display. The exhibit will be on the first floor of the Alkek library until March 26th. For Bobcat update, I'm Dylan Anguiano.

Jennifer Galvan

The City of San Marcos is calling on volunteers to register for the 32nd Annual Great Texas River Cleanup. Bobcat Update's Jennifer Galvan has more.

The purpose of the clean up is to help beautify the San Marcos River, its banks and the creeks that flow into it.  Every spring on the first Saturday in March, volunteers from all over Texas participate in the clean up.
They expect many volunteers to sign up for this year's cleanup.
Many professors encourage students to get involved and help their community.
It's encouraged for volunteers to sign up before March 4th but walk ins are welcome, too.
So grab your gloves and bags to help beautify your community and prevent trash from flowing down the San Marcos River. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jennifer Galvan.


Sarah Jenkins

The Texas State community is responding to a controversial order to bar the entry of immigrants arriving from seven Muslim-majority countries. Sarah Jenkins has the story.
Mohammod Al-Rousad, President of the Muslim Student Association, organized the protest.
SB: Al-Rousad
Texas State student Amanda Wood says her family was affected by the ban while it was in effect.
SB: Amanda Wood
The travel ban is pending constitutional review by the courts. However, President Trump has indicated he may issue a new order to avoid further appeals. For Bobcat Update, I'm Sarah Jenkins.


Manal Hage

Texas State's Department of Theater and Dance now features the newly revived musical production, The World According to Snoopy. Bobcat Update's Manal Hage (phonetic) takes a peak behind the curtain. 

Based on the classic comic strip, Peanuts by Charles M. Schultz, the production includes many of his favorite characters -- Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy, Linus and  Peppermint Patty. They all will sing and dance their way through life with Snoopy at the wheel.
Directed by Kaitlin Hopkins, head of the musical theater program at Texas State, the production features new orchestrations, vocal arrangements  and choreography.
Texas State collaborated with Larry Grossman, the original Broadway composer of 1968's You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, to produce Snoopy.
The production team has been hard at work since fall 2016 putting the show together. From building the set from scratch, to sewing new costumes and countless hours of rehearsal; the team dedicated its time to make this show as sophisticated and as fun as possible for audiences.
The Department of Theater and Dance is working with Houston's  nonprofit company, Theater Under the Stars, to make the production possible.
Hopkins' message to students is simple -- The characters are tenacious. When they fall down, they get right back up. That, says Hopkins, is an important lesson for us all.
The production will play at Patti Strickel Harrison Theater from now through February 19th. Tickets are available at T-X-State-Presents-dot-com.  For Bobcat Update, I'm Manal Hage.


Jacob Villarreal

Transferring to a new college can often be challenging for students. Luckily, Texas State has resources in place to make the transition easier. Bobcat Update's Jacob Villarreal has more.
The Transfer Student Success Team aims to make the process of adapting to a new school much easier for incoming transfer students.
SB Ghinelli
The team puts together a Transfer Student Success Week once a semester. The most recent such event occurred last week. Career prep, money management and even a Krav Maga class were made available to transfer students.
SB Vital
The Transfer Student Success Team provides assistance throughout the semester.
SB Ghinelli
For more information about transfer scholarships and other resources, visit the Student Success Website. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jacob  Villarreal.


Sterling Pitchford

While some Texas State seniors are excited that they will be graduating in May, other are apprehensive. Bobcat Update's Sterling Pitchford has more.
Most students are happy to be nearing the end of their time in college, but there's also concern. Some fear that they will have difficulty finding employment in their field.
SB Luz
Even seniors who are very passionate about their majors worry about being in way over their heads.
SB Rudy
Some seniors are considering graduate school as an alternative.
SB Rudy
Chuck Kaufman, the internship coordinator for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, provides resources and support for students who are uncertain about their lives after college.
SB Chuck
For Bobcat Update, I'm Sterling Pitchford.

Jason Harris

The lack of on-campus parking is an issue that never goes away for Texas State students. Bobcat Update's Jason Harris has more.

Over the past few years, Texas State has had several major construction projects to serve its ever-growing enrollment. However, one problem remains constant and seems to be getting worse.
Construction of the Loop 82 overpass along Aquarena Springs Drive has compounded the problem. Many parking spaces are no longer available because of the construction. Some students question whether the project is worth the hassle.
An additional 20 parking spaces in the East lot of Bobcat Stadium have now been designated for red permits, which -- when combined with the areas lost to construction -- means about 300 spaces are no longer available to commuters. This is happening at a time when there's record enrollment at the university.
Texas State's Parking Services clearly states on its website that the purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee students a parking space. Some students say they've resorted to using two-hour parking in front of businesses near campus as an alternative. Others say they simply show up early -- sometimes an hour before their class -- to wait for a parking spot. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jason Harris.


Jonathan Szedeli

Governor Abbott's recent order to freeze hiring at state agencies carries some possible challenges for Texas State University.  Jonathan Szedeli has more in this Bobcat Update.

In his State of the State address, Governor Abbott ordered a hiring freeze that could save the state an estimated 200 million dollars.  The freeze applies to most Texas agencies and higher education institutions including Texas State. 
Many students wonder how the freeze will affect them. University officials say the impact will be limited.
About 30 percent of the university's funding comes from the state. The university's president, Denise Trauth, is no stranger to dealing with hiring freezes. She implemented similar restrictions in 2003 under former Governor Rick Perry.
The freeze does not affect jobs that have a direct impact on public safety, such as campus police. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jonathan Szedeli.

Joshua Kelley

A favorite swimming spot for some locals is still closed after heavy rain last September caused damage. Bobcat Update's Josh Kelley tells us about the area some people call the Headwaters.

For some, it's a safe haven -- a place to relax. The Headwaters is located where the San Marcos River begins -- where water flows from Spring Lake near the Saltgrass Restaurant.
The banks of the river have in the past been an ideal place to sun bathe and relax. Part of the embankment became unstable after the floods of 2015 and the heavy rains last year. The area continues to be blocked off by a chain-linked fence.
The closure is part of a River Beautification Project.
Though this part of the river is off limits now, other areas are as popular as ever. For more information about the beautification project, visit the City of San Marcos website. For Bobcat Update, I'm Josh  Kelley.


Victor Blanco

Texas State is reacting to racist messages being posted on campus. The Vice President of Student Affairs released a statement last week reminding everyone of the policy for posting fliers and other literature. Bobcat Update's Victor Blanco has more on the story.

Although the University has policies regulating the posting and distribution of literature, the rules are often ignored.  Fliers and bulletins are posted without regard to the guidelines.
SB (Stand up)
The University had several controversial fliers make headlines in recent months. The most recent, titled Take Your Country Back, was posted last week and quickly taken down.  Many students say they are willing to follow Texas State's policy if the material is offensive.
Senior Lecturer of Media Law Gilbert Martinez says students don't have a right to post wherever they choose but their ideas should be heard.
Individuals violating this policy are subject to Student Justice or Organization Conduct Procedures. To learn more, students can contact the Vice President for Student Affairs  Office. For Bobcat Update, I'm Victor Blanco.


Maria Martinez

Many political leaders are concerned about legacy -- they value how their constituencies regard their time in office. Barack Obama's presidency will receive such scrutiny for many years to come. Bobcat Update's Maria Martinez has more on the story.

Texas State's Center for International Studies is examining President Obama's legacy. The center recently hosted a perspectives conference.
About 35 Texas State faculty members participated, along with professionals in law, journalism, healthcare and criminal justice.
Obama's legacy will be shaped in part by how his successor, President Trump, either carries forward or dismantles the former president's initiatives. Some are concerned about what will happen next.
Others believe Obama's legacy will endure.
This year's perspectives conference had a great turnout from Bobcat students and faculty. The Center for International Studies has more such events scheduled this semester. For Bobcat Update, Maria Martinez.


Lara Dietrich

Some residence halls at Texas State are finally receiving access to wireless internet. Bobcat Update's Lara Dietrich has more on the story. 

Wireless internet is almost a necessity for college students. Ethernet cables are fast becoming  outdated as newer laptops come without connectors. To browse the internet, students often depend on mobile devices. Many say they need wi-fi in their rooms:
SB Russell
Newer halls on campus were built with wireless installed, but there are three older ones that lack the necessary equipment. The Department of Housing and Residential Life is planning to bring wi-fi to every dorm. 
SB Proite
However, the project is proving to be costly. 
SB Proite
Dr. Proite says adding wi-fi will lead to the removal of cable services in the rooms in order to reduce costs. For Bobcat Update, I'm Lara Dietrich.