Andrea Cordova

New laws in Hays County could change how food trucks do business in San Marcos. Bobcat Update's Andrea Cordova has more on the story.
The Hitch is a popular location among students and locals for unique food. The trucks offer a lot of choices. Want a burger? A kabob? Want to eat Columbian food? How about Indian? They're all at the Hitch. But because of a new law, everything could change.
Owners of trailers at The Hitch run like a family business. They stick together. They have hopes the San Marcos City Council will help them stay in business.
Even though their trucks are being threatened, the owners remain optimistic. After all, they have big dreams.
If you're in the mood for good eats and good treats, come to the corner of C-M Allen and Hopkins. For Bobcat Update, I'm Andrea Cordova.

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