Morgan Burrell

A new ride-hailing service is starting up in San Marcos. Morgan Burrell (buh-RELL) tells us more in this Bobcat Update.
My Ride T-X, a company similar to Uber and Lyft, will begin offering transportation services to students and locals within a few weeks.
Co-managing partner Evan Wright says My Ride T-X is different from its competitors. Drivers for My Ride T-X are required to complete background checks, fingerprinting and drug screenings. Drivers will also keep a large portion of their nightly earnings, while customers should expect to pay less than other ride-hailing services.
[SB] – Evan Wright
Co-managing partner Steve Wright says the My Ride T-X business model is unique.
[SB] – Steve Wright   
Also, My Ride T-X won't have surge pricing during peak hours. Stonewall Warehouse General Manager Chris Rue says having the service might reduce the number of alcohol-related tickets in the city.
[SB] – Rue 
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