Andrea Cordova

The Triathlon Club's annual fundraiser, though almost a washout, holds a special place in the heart of one Texas State alum. Bobcat Update's Andrea Cordova has more on the story.
Severe weather warnings forced a change of plans for the triathlon this past weekend, but it was a success in attracting competitors. Planners mapped out a perfect scenic route of the hills and trails in the San Marcos area, and Spring Lake, closed off to  the public except for two races, was an ideal setting for swimmers. The event attracted veterans and first-timers alike.
Participating in a triathlon takes hard work and dedication, and, for one particular racer, it required so much more.
Nicknamed Chey-tanium because of the metal in her bones, nothing could stop her.
Though the storm stopped most participants from running across the finish line, results were still posted. And, despite her accident, Chey-tanium finished first in her age-group and second in women's overall.
Rain or shine, those who trained for the race were in it to finish. The Texas State Sprint Triathlon is an annual event. For more information, you can check out the organization's Facebook page. For Bobcat Update, I'm Andrea Cordova.

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