Jasmine Clark

Texas State helps showcase the shared musical roots of the Lone Star State and Mexico. Bobcat Update's Jasmine Clark has more.
The Center for Texas Music History features Texas Music History Unplugged. It offers musicians an opportunity to discuss the many influences behind their work, and students benefit from being exposed to the different cultures associated with Texas music.
SB [Hartman says how unplugged got started]
SB[sisters and what they included in their music]
Dr. Hartman says the event has a different theme each year.
SB [different genres from past]
The Morales Sisters say the music of their childhood influenced their Mexican-American spin on music.
Dr. Hartman says the center's educational mission will continue as will the celebration of Texas music history.
Texas is home to many notable musicians, and, at this year's Texas Music History Unplugged, Bobcats celebrated the roots of Tex-Mex music. For Bobcat Update, I'm Jasmine Clark.

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